Godville, Aug 20 2015

Godville Times editors are always looking for the new ways to entertain the readers. Еspecially if it’s something interactive… like a crossword, but different. Bingo!

Yes, Bingo is a new newspaper mini-game – with a Godville twist in it. Instead of collecting boring numbers, here you’re filling a grid with pieces of artifacts. Yep, the real virtual artifacts from your hero’s pockets! Just pick a moment when your hero has something worthy in the inventory and “borrow” the required trophies for your divine needs.

Why? Because it’s fun. But there are other nice perks too. If you extract artifacts for bingo three times during a day your hero will get a nice gold reward. Also Top-100 of the luckiest players will be published in the next issue of newspaper. More on bingo rules can be found in this forum topic.

Let’s play!

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Kat the Magnificent Aug 21 2015 00:47

Great idea! Excited to use :)

The Mighty Stang 4 Aug 21 2015 01:16

Finally! A game that my generation knows how to play.

Kazarak-ik 4 Aug 21 2015 02:09

I’m imagining all the various gods sitting in a dim bingo parlor smoking and such.

Augnoramous 6 Aug 21 2015 06:15


SCAl2FACE 4 Aug 21 2015 07:12

It doesn’t work on mobile… It shows inventory but didn’t meet you extract… Kinda crappy that I won’t be able to compete in the pantheons because you weren’t ready to release yet…

God2000 4 Aug 21 2015 07:15

Make an bingo phanteon :)

Dragoneda Aug 21 2015 08:25

Perfect,i love bingo!!

Carter King Aug 21 2015 08:52

Wow what a great idea :)

Avgp Aug 21 2015 12:22

I like keno better…lol…but good idea…

Brinjal 6 Aug 21 2015 13:09

SCAl2FACE I was able to extract items from inventory on mobile. Maybe you just didn’t have any items in your inventory that matched the bingo grid.

Kyron Draihart Aug 21 2015 13:50


Sapiotrella Aug 21 2015 18:42

Hi everyone, the bingo rules state that “Extract button can only be used three times per day”, however it’s already past midnight and it isn’t resetting itself. May I know what time is this running at? Thank you!

Ultimate Dude 5 Aug 21 2015 18:58

I also would like to know what time the board resets itself. Much thanks.

Okita 4 Aug 21 2015 19:58

It resets with the Godville day I’m assuming.

Palotheas Aug 22 2015 02:17

Yep, it resresets when the newspaper resets (6 PM Eastern time for me).

The Crimson God Aug 22 2015 18:49


Almighty Matey Aug 23 2015 21:49

SCAl2FACE I was able to over mobile… It’s the only way I play the game. You have to have the items in your inventory that mate the 3 in the bingo grid. Just try again next time mate

Steaks 4 Aug 24 2015 20:02

I keep on clearing my inventory before I do bingo… dang it!

TD23ASUS Sep 08 2015 12:54

Well all we need now is Battleship, Word Target, Sudoku and those stupid logic puzzles nobody likes and I won’t be needing the paper anymore!

Also, why can’t we picturize guild and private chat. Pwease sir… pwetty pwease?

Steven Segura Sep 10 2015 21:08

It is fun but my hero is cleaning my inventory every single time I get to the daily newspaper bingo Game

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