Godville, Aug 20 2015

Godville Times editors are always looking for the new ways to entertain the readers. Еspecially if it’s something interactive… like a crossword, but different. Bingo!

Yes, Bingo is a new newspaper mini-game – with a Godville twist in it. Instead of collecting boring numbers, here you’re filling a grid with pieces of artifacts. Yep, the real virtual artifacts from your hero’s pockets! Just pick a moment when your hero has something worthy in the inventory and “borrow” the required trophies for your divine needs.

Why? Because it’s fun. But there are other nice perks too. If you extract artifacts for bingo three times during a day your hero will get a nice gold reward. Also Top-100 of the luckiest players will be published in the next issue of newspaper. More on bingo rules can be found in this forum topic.

Let’s play!

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Artimidorus Sep 12 2015 05:07

I’m curious how often it resets. Every time I try to be part of it, I’ll take 3-6 items from inventory, come back to check for new ones and there is a new board… Is this thing changing every hour or so?

Waterwalk Sep 22 2015 14:39

If you want to find the time it resets,you can find it on the bottom of the page(srolldown) in the phone vision at least

Turgeszenzia Oct 23 2015 13:23

Ok after weeks of trying to look inside some times a day, I could NEVER extract the third time before reset. No fitting items, allready sold, no items at all,…This is so frustrating!. I give up activatables, bold items, etc. And I earn nothing. It only takes away random items for a score between 5 and 10 every day. 2nd extraction should allready recompensate. This has to stop for me anyways. It is only hampering the ways of my hero. Maybe it is only for highlevels. Who earn 30 and more items in one run. Don’t know. Anybody feeling the way I do?

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