Godville, Aug 20 2015

Godville Times editors are always looking for the new ways to entertain the readers. Еspecially if it’s something interactive… like a crossword, but different. Bingo!

Yes, Bingo is a new newspaper mini-game – with a Godville twist in it. Instead of collecting boring numbers, here you’re filling a grid with pieces of artifacts. Yep, the real virtual artifacts from your hero’s pockets! Just pick a moment when your hero has something worthy in the inventory and “borrow” the required trophies for your divine needs.

Why? Because it’s fun. But there are other nice perks too. If you extract artifacts for bingo three times during a day your hero will get a nice gold reward. Also Top-100 of the luckiest players will be published in the next issue of newspaper. More on bingo rules can be found in this forum topic.

Let’s play!

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DerpingPenguinCat Aug 20 2015 21:19

Looking Forward!

Shotzi 6 Aug 20 2015 21:20

Excellent! ?

Mig Gees Aug 20 2015 21:20


Angel of the storm Aug 20 2015 21:23

This sounds fun!

God2000 6rd alt Aug 20 2015 21:23

Sounds fun

PutInNameHere 4 Aug 20 2015 21:24

Definitely sounds interesting! Gonna give it a shot.

High queen of undies Aug 20 2015 21:28

Definitely gonna check it out!

Amethysta Aug 20 2015 21:41

Wohoo!!! But luck is never on my side XD

King Monkey Aug 20 2015 21:49

Cool idea!

Fiske Aug 20 2015 21:53


Thorbjoern 6 Aug 20 2015 22:01

Uh, nice :D that could be very interesting -

Deea9595 4 Aug 20 2015 22:07

Sounds amazing!

Y0yu Aug 20 2015 22:13

Seems like an interesting idea. I’ll try it out!

The Reaping One Aug 20 2015 22:27

Now I can actully participate!

Magnhildur 5 Aug 20 2015 22:32

Wow! :О

Brinjal 6 Aug 20 2015 22:49

Just completed the bingo!

Score: 27
That’s all for today! So far you’re top-1.

Couldn’t find the shrunken head, tablet of random numbers and sequential number generator in my inventory, but found 3568 coins instead. Bingo!

Nice! I mean, it’s quite possible I lost more from wasting all the artifacts I crafted to be able to complete the bingo than I gained from the reward, but still nice to feel like I accomplished something!

God2000 alt Aug 20 2015 23:13

I am on thw 81-th place. If i atay in the top 100 ill be in the NEWSPAPERS tomorrow for the first time :)

Frapparition Aug 20 2015 23:55

Ooh! Will definitely check that out.

Bust It Baby 6 Aug 20 2015 23:58

I’m not sure I quite understand the rules, but I’m excited to play it! Thanks for the new feature!

All Mighty Joyce 6 Aug 21 2015 00:28

I love the concept.

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