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Godville, Jul 23 2012

There are sayings among Godville gods that sometimes pets can be even more interesting than the heroes themselves. Therefore, having a pet suddenly die or get replaced could be an unpleasant experience, which is not something that we want. So let’s make it better!

First of all, pets will no longer die. From now on, when a pet saves the life of his master, he won’t die as he would have before. Instead he’ll just be knocked unconscious. The hero can then heal him within 60 hours (same rules as before), but even if he fails to do so, the pet won’t be lost. He will come back to his senses on his own, but this time as a more cautious and down-to-earth animal. An animal that doesn’t care about levels, pantheon competition, battle nicknames and has no desire to sacrifice his life, preferring just to simply be with his master.

In other words:

  • if all you wanted was to see your hero with a friendly companion, you can now forget about the burden of resurrection and just enjoy the game! The pet will stay with his hero forever.
  • if for some reason you care about pet levels and pantheon position – nothing changes (except the terminology and new UI feature showing the time left for pet healing).
  • if you want to get rid of a levelless pet, read ahead: once in awhile, your hero will take a quest to bring his companion to a vet for a routine checkup. If you cancel this quest, the hero will set the pet free.

Other news:

  • for those playing in a web browser – check out the greetings on the top left area of the page. There might be something interesting up there!
  • the most recent iPhone app update has a shiny new feature that should make influencing more convenient. Make sure to install it.
  • recent advancements in heroic brain science have finally taught the heroes to turn profit on the old stuff left after an equipment upgrade. It’s never too late to make heroes smarter, right?

UPD: There are no changes for pet medals – they are given upon reaching level 30. As with all other achievements, once it’s given it can be never taken away.

Btw, we’re accepting submissions for new monsters, that can be tamed. Post it right here, in comments (one pre-condition: they must be chosen from the monsters that already in the game).

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Zeus Champion Jul 24 2012 05:32

LIGHTSABER-TOOTHED TIGER!!! I agree with the two before me

Ozzydog Jul 24 2012 05:52

What a daft update,another application bits the dust

Urthemiel Jul 24 2012 07:10

“Thanks for the fish, Urthemiel”.. I.. if you got it from me, I don’t think.. err. you’re welcome! _

Raest Jul 24 2012 07:16

Panzer Dragon Task Manager Terminator T-34 Were-Panther Lightsaber-Toothed Tiger Mega Pixel

Jwill238 Jul 24 2012 07:33

Non-restored pets could find new hero owners. Unwanted pets should be released back to the wild, and may find a new hero to follow… I am not sure I like keeping the same pet forever… Great game otherwise.

Alixypeth 6 Jul 24 2012 07:37

Terror Bull for fearsome new pet!

The ANT 6 Jul 24 2012 07:43

there are a lot of “mouse” monsters.. maybe one (or more) of them?

Alixypeth 6 Jul 24 2012 08:02

Bear Witness Stripeless Zebra (my fave) Fifth Elephant

Alixypeth 6 Jul 24 2012 08:04

Scare Bear

Skey Jul 24 2012 08:29

Godvilla and Farce of Nature

Skey Jul 24 2012 08:39

It would be awesome to have those rare gem pets that will keep people interested and on the hunt. I would just personally want those two.

Illia Jul 24 2012 09:16

I’m happy about this update, because I have a good pet, but for the new gods I’m a bit angry because they don’t get to experience what us ‘oldies’ have..

Unknownone Jul 24 2012 09:28

NICE. Great idea

Nicosa Jul 24 2012 09:36


Herm Jul 24 2012 10:36

I’m very happy I managed to hang onto my Double Dragon this long, and now he’s immortal-ish. Now if only I could give him a more sensible name. (And by sensible, I of course mean silly.)

Ability to name pets, maybe, devs? Don’t have to make it too easy – it could be a quest like the guild-joining ones. name pet “Bobo” could begin a quest to get him a collar engraved or something.

As for new tamable species, let’s use some of the lame and ridiculous ones. More epic-sounding beasts like the LsTT should be for higher levels.

Lower level pet suggestions:

  • Nervous Tick
  • Cheshire Rat
  • Significant Otter
  • Sabertooth Fairy
  • Poultry Geist

And one that would be terribly annoying to wake up and find following your hero (rubs hands in gleeful schadenfreude):

  • Adoring Fan
Tayl Kin-kyr Jul 24 2012 12:36

So let me see if I’ve got this right. Our pets get knocked out and, if not healed within the usual sixty hour deadline, will become incapable of gaining new levels and useless in combat? And the only way to get rid of this domesticated pet is to wait for a specific quest to show up, which could take ages and might potentially show up during a period when you’re not online to cancel it.

Honestly, this is a terrible update. While, yes, I like my pets and miss them when they’re gone, I’d much rather mourn my late battle companion than have him sitting around as a neutered shell of what he was, stuck with him until the random quest generator throws up the one I need to get rid of him.

Here’s a better suggestion. They’re knocked out. If healed within the time limit, they come back as they were. If not, they return as a more cautious animal, less effective, which in game mechanic terms equates to knocking off a couple of levels. At least then you have a chance to eventually bring them back to what they were.

Your Ex Girlfriend 4 Jul 24 2012 14:13

I suspect (& hope) that the vet quests aren’t random like normal quests, but rather will follow a pattern like epic quests, so that gods will have regular opportunities to release unwanted level-less pets.

New pets I’d like to see:

  • Prancing Pony
  • Punk Panther
  • Millennium Falcon

I also like the suggestions for the Otter (though I imagine him being a low-level pet) & GV Admin (very high level).

Thanks, Devs!

Orlaith1 Jul 24 2012 14:15

Thanks for the update, I recently reached lvl.18 do not have a pet yet, but I’m pleased not to have to go through " resurrection", not to thrilled about not having the ability to level up or help in battle, but I’ll see how it works out. I agree with the light saber toothed tiger also for higher level players Grayscaled Dragon .

Epoch 4 Jul 24 2012 15:04

Tayl Kin-kyr-the pets will still be useful in combat, just not contribute towards the taming badge if you don’t heal them. As far as I understand, as your pet normally levels up, it doesn’t actually get stronger. You can have your pet just as it was after it “goes unconscious” and if you don’t heal it, you just don’t have to worry about resurrecting it, but as a counterpoint, then don’t get a chance for a taming badge. So it’s not that different except that you can keep a pet’s functionality if you want.

My suggestions:

  • Tyrannosaurus Ex
  • Dreaded Gazebo
  • Philosoraptor
Poper Jul 24 2012 15:11

This is awesome

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