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Godville, Jul 23 2012

There are sayings among Godville gods that sometimes pets can be even more interesting than the heroes themselves. Therefore, having a pet suddenly die or get replaced could be an unpleasant experience, which is not something that we want. So let’s make it better!

First of all, pets will no longer die. From now on, when a pet saves the life of his master, he won’t die as he would have before. Instead he’ll just be knocked unconscious. The hero can then heal him within 60 hours (same rules as before), but even if he fails to do so, the pet won’t be lost. He will come back to his senses on his own, but this time as a more cautious and down-to-earth animal. An animal that doesn’t care about levels, pantheon competition, battle nicknames and has no desire to sacrifice his life, preferring just to simply be with his master.

In other words:

  • if all you wanted was to see your hero with a friendly companion, you can now forget about the burden of resurrection and just enjoy the game! The pet will stay with his hero forever.
  • if for some reason you care about pet levels and pantheon position – nothing changes (except the terminology and new UI feature showing the time left for pet healing).
  • if you want to get rid of a levelless pet, read ahead: once in awhile, your hero will take a quest to bring his companion to a vet for a routine checkup. If you cancel this quest, the hero will set the pet free.

Other news:

  • for those playing in a web browser – check out the greetings on the top left area of the page. There might be something interesting up there!
  • the most recent iPhone app update has a shiny new feature that should make influencing more convenient. Make sure to install it.
  • recent advancements in heroic brain science have finally taught the heroes to turn profit on the old stuff left after an equipment upgrade. It’s never too late to make heroes smarter, right?

UPD: There are no changes for pet medals – they are given upon reaching level 30. As with all other achievements, once it’s given it can be never taken away.

Btw, we’re accepting submissions for new monsters, that can be tamed. Post it right here, in comments (one pre-condition: they must be chosen from the monsters that already in the game).

Comments (193)
Epona Dernhelm Jul 31 2012 00:44


Christian the Divine Jul 31 2012 03:51

A Doyouthinkhesawus

ZTrooper Jul 31 2012 18:09

I would concur.. if my pet becomes zombiefied, I would much prefer to have the option to immediately release it.. I don’t want to be stuck with a non-levelling pet when I could be getting a new one. Death of a pet sucks, but I would prefer the opportunity to get a new pet and start up again…

CoLyPsO Jul 31 2012 22:58

Lightsaber-toothed Tiger. For sure.

Phoenix Dragon Aug 01 2012 23:45

I think the incredibly hard to find Phoenix would be awesome. A rare pet is always awesome

Hi Five Ninja Aug 02 2012 08:03

Give me a T-REX!!!

Hi Five Ninja Aug 02 2012 08:03

Give me a T-REX!!!

Astrid thorsdottir Aug 03 2012 07:15

The atomic kitten!

Omg I Am God 4 Aug 03 2012 15:30

I second adding a dreaded gazebo, along with grayscaled dragon. Plus having a glowing grue would be awesome!

KylaLilySnape Aug 03 2012 16:34

I agree with tiger lily!

Nicosa Aug 03 2012 22:08


Alpha God Aug 04 2012 05:42

What if u don’t like the pet u have How the hell do u get rid of it ?

Brigz Aug 05 2012 17:13

Vote for – not according to rank.

Lightsaber-toothed tiger Chewbacabra Dreaded Gazebo Punk panther Satan Claus Santa Claws Panzer Dragon Ravenous Bugblatter Beast Innocent bystander Knight-mare Gummy wyrm Godvilla Queen Kong


Turtle Queen Aug 06 2012 04:08

How do u heal knocked out pets????

Daffy Duck Aug 06 2012 06:34

How about a Land Shark or a What’s Up Tiger Lily.

Daffy Duck Aug 06 2012 06:36

I too would prefer to be able to release a knocked out pet or at least be able to have an additional pet that levels at the same time.

Alabaster Syanaster Aug 06 2012 17:52

I’m so happy my buddy won’t die!

American Idiot Aug 06 2012 18:00

A depressed robot. Heh

Deeswift Aug 07 2012 02:30

What about a snap-dragon fly?

Dragondreamer Aug 07 2012 02:47

I have to vote for the gray scaled dragon. Any dragon that could be tamed for a pet, would be most appreciated! Thanks for the changes, I’m so happy my pet doesn’t have to die anymore!!!

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