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Godville, Feb 05 2012

Heroes have always liked to form into groups and socialize throughout Godville. The gods, however, were limited to “fast” but private messages, or very public but “slow” forum talks. The time has come to add one more tool to the divine communication toolbox – the Guild Council. It’s as fast as PMs and can be used by multiple people at the same time. As the name implies, this tool is tailored for guilds, and it should bring even more sense to being in a group and fire up some inter-guild communication. The Council has a simple permission system: all guild members can read messages; Followers can post; and starting from Cardinal rank the gods can jointly expel and impel infidels from their sacred meeting places (elders’ voices have higher priority). Guild Council is already available in the browser and in recent updates of Godville mobile apps (3.3 for iOS app and 3.0 for Android to be precise).

In other news. From now on the personal pages will display achievement progress plus a few more cool stats. The latest mobile apps got highly anticipated multi-line message input capability, and the iOS app now has a new and improved messaging UI. Some under-the-hood changes should have improved Remote Notifications and duel turn progress. Many bugs and other insects were smashed here and there, hopefully making the overall game experience better for everyone. Thanks to the never-sleeping ER, the game got yet another pack of awesome new content. And finally, some heroes are spreading rumors about newly discovered settlements not far from the capital…

Quite a good month for Godville, don’t you think?

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No-body Feb 05 2012 17:14

Sounds great! Thank you for your hard work on continuing to enhance your product!

Danqazmlp Feb 05 2012 17:24

This could really help guilds, thanks!

ArtemisRZ Feb 05 2012 17:39

This is really cool, thanks for continuing to improve the game :)

Xzzwxs 6 Feb 05 2012 17:41

fantastic update. I wish it also told you how many days you have until the next level in your guild, but maybe next time. Keep up the good work!

Towr33 Feb 05 2012 17:51


Bellatrixie The Strange 5 Feb 05 2012 18:32

Great idea! However, I’m a cardinal, yet cannot impel or expel – using android app

Asddgghkl 4 Feb 05 2012 18:49

I’m a cardinal. I can read posts from my PC, but I’m unable to post to the Guild Council with either Firefox 10.0 or IE8 on Windows XP SP3. I can post from the Android app.

The ANT 6 Feb 05 2012 19:04

I am also having small trouble, I sent a message using the guild concil, and then the system said I no longer have the rank to post. did it using web-based interface, checked on my android device and the message DID appear (and the text box to send a new message is open)... maybe we just need to fiddle with it a bit to fully understand the interface…

Deprivus Feb 05 2012 20:12

Do i get push notifications From the council the same as private message? I think there should be a way to turn each on and off

Raindropstop 4 Feb 05 2012 20:23

Nice features! Love the ability to see how close to achievements I am.

I agree with Xzzwxs that a guild rank countdown would be a nice addition.

Asddgghkl 4 Feb 05 2012 20:58

I’m able to post from Firefox and IE8 now. I haven’t tried expelling anyone yet. :)

American Idiot Feb 06 2012 01:43


Persephassa 6 Feb 06 2012 18:17

Kora is in the town Last Resort now… )

Delta493 6 Feb 06 2012 23:47

Yeah, my hero just went to the same place. What is that town? It’s not in the wiki.

Elfen 6 Feb 07 2012 04:30

Hate the new inner towns.

The last thing temple owners need on the way back to Godville, with 10,000+ gold, is a town in the way to lose it all.

So much for trying to gain the experience boost that we get from laying gold on the altar. You’ve just eliminated about the last thing that old players can do. So much for buying charges.

Sniper404 6 Feb 07 2012 10:32

Theirs a few new towns, the ones iv found so far: bumcheast at ms 8-10, last resort at ms 18-20… Didnt mind 1 extra town but 2 that close is too much.

Little Ghost 4 Feb 07 2012 14:51

I have to agree with Elfin. Already I seem to have lost gold this way, at least the ability to gain experience made up a little for losing out on the excitement of collecting bricks. On a much more positive note though, the Guild Council is a fantastic new addition.

Mortalin Feb 08 2012 17:21

Not much to add other than what others have already said, towns would be cool if they were farther apart. And the guild council…. Hectic and buggy, perhaps a way to appoint leaders or such to the council instead of just a random bunch of people? Don’t get me wrong, this is an absolutely great update! But perhaps the guild council should have been tested a bit more? I have noticed several bugs and one particularly angers me. When you are writing a post that is on the longer side and someone else posts while your still typing, your entire message is deleted and you need to start over, that is irksome in a guild as large as the Knights Who Say Ni! In which people are posting constantly. Keep up the good work guys.

P A I N Feb 08 2012 21:47

Awesome !

Tackland Feb 09 2012 19:48

I need help …could some1 help

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