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Godville, Feb 05 2012

Heroes have always liked to form into groups and socialize throughout Godville. The gods, however, were limited to “fast” but private messages, or very public but “slow” forum talks. The time has come to add one more tool to the divine communication toolbox – the Guild Council. It’s as fast as PMs and can be used by multiple people at the same time. As the name implies, this tool is tailored for guilds, and it should bring even more sense to being in a group and fire up some inter-guild communication. The Council has a simple permission system: all guild members can read messages; Followers can post; and starting from Cardinal rank the gods can jointly expel and impel infidels from their sacred meeting places (elders’ voices have higher priority). Guild Council is already available in the browser and in recent updates of Godville mobile apps (3.3 for iOS app and 3.0 for Android to be precise).

In other news. From now on the personal pages will display achievement progress plus a few more cool stats. The latest mobile apps got highly anticipated multi-line message input capability, and the iOS app now has a new and improved messaging UI. Some under-the-hood changes should have improved Remote Notifications and duel turn progress. Many bugs and other insects were smashed here and there, hopefully making the overall game experience better for everyone. Thanks to the never-sleeping ER, the game got yet another pack of awesome new content. And finally, some heroes are spreading rumors about newly discovered settlements not far from the capital…

Quite a good month for Godville, don’t you think?

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T4RM4N 4 Feb 11 2012 01:18

Sweet! Love the new additions

Delta493 4 Feb 14 2012 00:22

@Mortalin To avoid that problem, try writing what you want to say into the chat bar for one of your friends who doesn’t seem to play anymore (so that if you accidentally send it, it won’t matter), then cut and paste your text into your guild’s conference.

WayAboveYou Feb 17 2012 01:58

I really want to understand him to play this game please help

WayAboveYou Feb 17 2012 01:59


Katie the Almighty Feb 21 2012 10:56

I’m loving the new additions, but it’d be really great if I could go farther back in the guild council log to read what people post. I haven’t tried it on a computer yet, but it doesn’t let me do it on android.

Coolman00o Feb 28 2012 02:59

I just installed the new update but cant figure out what changed

Dylanwaynebull Apr 04 2012 05:47

what does it mean by expell in the guild

Doomsy May 11 2012 11:43


Niqqi May 11 2012 13:42

This game is simply the most enjoyable, funny, simple, innovative game yet. Idk why that is considering how simple it is, how little you can really do, but it’s severely addicting, and my fav. I love my hero like a child lol. Simply wonderful game. Just wish i had found it so so much sooner. I’m impatient lol. Thank you so much! Xoxo times 128955423188542 to the creators :D

K million bucks May 25 2012 05:52

I love to b in the spot light if I don’t half to get burned gree

Goddess Malaze Aug 05 2012 07:09

I love thiss game:D but you should add the “add heros” to texting it me much easier

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