Know Your Monster

Godville, Jul 28 2021

GodWiki Art
Godville is a text game, but did you know that it has pictures too? Thanks to the relentless creativity of our players, GodWiki steadily accumulated some quite interesting pieces of artwork that clearly deserve more visibility.

So, here is an experimental feature to shed more light on this — Know Your Monster section in the Godville Times newspaper. Guess what monster is in the picture to get a link to the full wiki article, while your hero gets a small reward — with a special mini-quest built-in.

Btw, we’d be glad to reward the art made for GodWiki with some gratitude pantheon points. If you made a decent and original picture for a known Godville entity (monsters, towns, pets, etc), make sure to send a link to it via Ideabox “other” category along with a short description. “Know Your Monster” event will run for the next few weeks, but with the new art it may come back again later.

Content Update
During the last few months, we managed to get through the large part of Ideabox content submissions — finally! Today the game got hundreds of new monsters, artifacts, earthly news, and dungeon and sails phrases. Huge thanks to all the authors and ER-editors for their work.

Heroes’ Birthdays
There is one more small, but nice feature: now you can congratulate your hero on his birthday — and it won’t be lost in vain. The hero will answer and will even give something back in return. You can track the birthday of your champion on his public page or in the Birthdays section of your guild stats page.

Comments (37)
Hairplug4men 7 Jul 28 2021 12:27

More great updates and work done by the developers making this game the best game and community I’ve ever been a part of. Keep up the fantastic job guys

Chinese Wolf 6 Jul 28 2021 12:28

Nice update! My hero’s birthday is near, can’t wait to see how will he answer.

Ab-Ashanti 4 Jul 28 2021 12:31

Art AND content! The Community (and Devs) just keep on giving 🎆

WardPhoenix 5 Jul 28 2021 12:32

Ooooh interesting, and nice promoting of the art some deities made !

NebulousOne 6 Jul 28 2021 12:47

Thanks for the additions and improvements! It will be nice to see what all the monsters look like! 😃

Asparkoflife 6 Jul 28 2021 13:06

GREAT!!!! i wonder if active players will get a bonus “something” when they reach 10yrs old. 10yrs IS a long time. it’s about 5 generations of smartphones. 😉

Anciace Jul 28 2021 13:31

So for the “Know Your Monster”, how do I submit artwork if I use the mobile version and I store my artwork in “Photos”?

Skyangelblue 4 Jul 28 2021 13:41

Thankyou so very much for your time and effort 🤗❤️

Iceandrews 6 Jul 28 2021 13:43

Good one!

Zenzeon Jul 28 2021 13:46

Its so great.
Enjoying game from the start along with these super events.
Thank you… Will try to participate…😊😊

Stickyorder 6 Jul 28 2021 13:51

I’ve already started spotting new phrases. Thanks Devs! 🎉

Daesk8er 4 Jul 28 2021 15:05

I’m so excited

Zlozaba 4 Jul 28 2021 15:10


Spirit of Tzahal Jul 28 2021 15:21

Wonderful news, as always. Thank you for your continuous efforts to make the game better, devs! 💙

VonBlade 6 Jul 28 2021 15:32

My heroines 11th birthday was yesterday. Thanks :\

Jimbob64 6 Jul 28 2021 16:30

This looks amazing and fun. Thank you! I’ll have something cool to come back to once real life settles down.

Andrele 4 Jul 28 2021 17:33

What an awesome update! Thank you🎉

Cham Almighty 6 Jul 28 2021 19:24

Sweet! Thank you!

Milcu Jul 28 2021 19:30

This is awesome! I love it!

Sophie The Woo 4 Jul 28 2021 23:25

What a cool upgrade! Thanks so much for everything! 🎉🍻🎉🍻🎉

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