Know Your Monster

Godville, Jul 28 2021

GodWiki Art
Godville is a text game, but did you know that it has pictures too? Thanks to the relentless creativity of our players, GodWiki steadily accumulated some quite interesting pieces of artwork that clearly deserve more visibility.

So, here is an experimental feature to shed more light on this — Know Your Monster section in the Godville Times newspaper. Guess what monster is in the picture to get a link to the full wiki article, while your hero gets a small reward — with a special mini-quest built-in.

Btw, we’d be glad to reward the art made for GodWiki with some gratitude pantheon points. If you made a decent and original picture for a known Godville entity (monsters, towns, pets, etc), make sure to send a link to it via Ideabox “other” category along with a short description. “Know Your Monster” event will run for the next few weeks, but with the new art it may come back again later.

Content Update
During the last few months, we managed to get through the large part of Ideabox content submissions — finally! Today the game got hundreds of new monsters, artifacts, earthly news, and dungeon and sails phrases. Huge thanks to all the authors and ER-editors for their work.

Heroes’ Birthdays
There is one more small, but nice feature: now you can congratulate your hero on his birthday — and it won’t be lost in vain. The hero will answer and will even give something back in return. You can track the birthday of your champion on his public page or in the Birthdays section of your guild stats page.

Comments (37)
Thirteenth Flower 4 Jul 28 2021 23:40

Can’t wait for the inevitable transition to 2D

Divine Feline Jul 29 2021 00:29

Drat. My hero’s birthday was a week ago. Did manage to catch the diary entry where he celebrated in the tavern on a town visit.

Personally, I’d prefer to see his actual birthday listed so I know when to congratulate him next year.

Thanks for maintaining the game for 11+ years.

Off to see if any of my ideabox entries got into the massive content update!

Laerth of Hok Jul 29 2021 04:11

Nice! I wanted to make some art for Godville, but wasn’t sure how to send it. Expect cool shiny monster pics from me! B)

Afk God Jul 29 2021 13:55


All Mighty Joyce 5 Jul 30 2021 00:19

That’s just great!

Goddess iliana 4 Jul 30 2021 21:30

Thank you! Well done! Keep it up! Virtual hugs.

Demteus 4 Jul 31 2021 04:09

Nice 👍🏾

Turrin Toorinbarr Jul 31 2021 08:34

Thank you. This game has helped me cope with some heavy things in life. I find real life family and friendship within a limitless mixer of individual imaginations, colorful creativity and community sharing. Thank you so much for hard work that you and everyone put into this amazing echo system of ideas and creative exploration. Many smiles. Stay happy healthy and heroic!

Shinnan Aug 01 2021 14:39

So great! I want to help my hero celebate birthday for years and now I can do it!

Wawajabba 4 Aug 03 2021 22:05

Amazing as always, I’m so glad you’re actively encouraging adding new content to the wiki ╰(^3^)╯

Hankvi Guidza 4 Aug 07 2021 15:14

Really brings out the creativity with this update. Nice work as always!

Bee2180 4 Aug 09 2021 10:03

Oohhh like this update… so happy I can now wish my bumbling heroine happy bday!!

Newsletter Aug 27 2021 04:50

This is Brilliant

Awesomeness Fawn 4 Aug 28 2021 14:40


Dymphnation Aug 28 2021 19:42

I am LOVING the Know Your Monster feature. A stroke of Genius! Respect 👏🏼

Zenos2 Sep 11 2021 06:04

This is amazing news you know,all these updates. Thanks a lot

Denis O Third Sep 28 2021 21:11

How many images were used? I thought every image in the Godwiki was being used, but apparently most pictures now have been there again

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