Godville, Jun 15 2021

Dear deities, are you thirsty for some news? Today we have half a dozen to unpack:

  1. From now on, heroes will mark their responses to godvoces with a ➥ sign. It’s quite notable and handy.
  2. Remember the April 1st side job to “fail a side job”? Yes, the one that required to do absolutely nothing. It’s back and here to stay.
  3. Some of the looting pets tamed last fall are about to reach level 30. This milestone gives them a unique ability to occasionally turn stuff in the hero’s inventory bold.
  4. A new auxiliary quest for dungeons — to find a treasury using a limited number of direction god voices.
  5. Good news for guilds: electing a leader should be easier with lowered election thresholds. From now on, it takes only 20% of eligible votes or just 30 votes for big guilds.
  6. Like the spirit of healthy competition? Check out Godville Olympics — a big community-organized contest that covers all of the Godville adventures from Arena to Datamines (with a separate division for AFK players). Signups are open till June 18th.
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Auwall Jun 15 2021 12:24

Amazing! Thanks in advance!

Rjman 4 Jun 15 2021 12:25


Tomobi 5 Jun 15 2021 12:26

Thank you for the improvements, Devs! You’re always working for us and we appreciate it.

Tuirix 6 Jun 15 2021 12:28

Wonderful news! Thank you! 😊

Stickyorder 6 Jun 15 2021 12:31

Thanks for continuing to work hard on a great game. Cheers! 🍻

JayMarie 6 Jun 15 2021 12:32

Sounds like more wonderful fun! Thanks Devs!

Laerth of Hok Jun 15 2021 12:39

This looks really cool. Kudos to the devs!

Solenopsis 5 Jun 15 2021 12:50

Thanks for all of your efforts Devs. Loving the GV even more :)

Zlozaba 4 Jun 15 2021 13:16


Godonetwothree 4 Jun 15 2021 13:29

Great news! Thank you devs, and also the community involved in the organization of the Olympic Games. You are awesome!! 👍🤘👏

TaiJuan 6 Jun 15 2021 14:19

Thanks! I especially like the new dungeon auxiliary quest and side job.

Jimbob64 6 Jun 15 2021 14:25

This looks fantastic. Thanks to the devs for the quality-of-life updates as ever, and thanks to Tuirix for hosting the big event (and the devs for announcing and sponsoring it).

I already wanted a looting pet, but that level 30 ability makes me want one even more.
And also wonder if there might be a level 30 ability for other types of pet in the future- that could be pretty neat.

No Dice 6 Jun 15 2021 14:39


NebulousOne 6 Jun 15 2021 15:13

Thanks! I guess some of these may be useful to somebody out there.

Sophie The Woo 4 Jun 15 2021 15:18

Thanks for the update!

Rowella 4 Jun 15 2021 15:35

Thank you for all the improvements and enhancements!

Olem 4 Jun 15 2021 15:49

Sounds great :)

Hankvi Guidza 6 Jun 15 2021 15:51

Very neat updates, a little bit more AFK love to an already ZPG. This community just keeps on going. Thanks so much!

Orgm 4 Jun 15 2021 16:28

Thanks for the great update. Especially about the God voice replies! :)

A neat dude Jun 15 2021 16:51


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