Pet, Loot, Love

Godville, Oct 31 2020

Greetings, dear gods and goddesses! Hope you are doing well and ready to get updated.

Halloween Special
Let’s start off with a glimpse of spookiness. Risen monsters, glowing pumpkins, hungry tribbles, pumpkined-up artifacts — all of these will be in abundance everywhere throughout Godville for the next 24 hours.

New Pet Breed
Back to the more lasting things. Remember the last update which introduced a new way to free up the ark’s stable? Now it’s a good time to fill it up again with new inhabitants.

A strong urge for a fancy pet’s job has brought up a fascinating change in some of the monsters — an unstoppable desire to loot things. Instead of gnawing on and breaking hero’s stuff, these pets like to find things. It will come in handy for those who like to fill up their loot bags faster.

Here is the list of new pets: Robber Chicken (18+), Chesthugger (30+), Pocket Monster (40+), Evil Minion (50+), Spider Pig (60+), Atomic Kitten (75+), Hamburglar (85+), Unbearable Grizzly (100+), Battle Hamster (110+) and Lava Lamb (130+).

Oh, and if you know an in-game monster who is perfect for a pet’s job — any pet, not just the looting ones — feel free to send it in Ideabox, ‘other’ section. There ought to be new additions to the pets tribe sooner or later.

Rest of the News
Diversity, as we all know now, is a must. Let’s spice up a few of the existing things with fresh sprinkles:

  • New newspaper coupons — for free potions and even skill level up.
  • New side job — to flee from a bunch of monsters.
  • New datamine option — bosses can pick up bits while flying over them.

Finally, a handy tweak for boss-constructing gods — if a hero has a Lab, boss parts in the inventory will now mention part’s level.

Comments (36)
Talissa 6 Oct 31 2020 12:09

Yay! Thanks for the update! You keep giving the best surprises!

JayMarie 6 Oct 31 2020 12:30

Very helpful and fun updates! Looking forward to a new pet.

TaiJuan 6 Oct 31 2020 12:40

👍 thanks!

Scareplug4men Oct 31 2020 12:44

Been waiting all year for this day! Thank you developers for making this game extremely amazing year after year

Jimbob64 6 Oct 31 2020 12:52

Okay, so I love everything you just did. The Godville devs are like mind readers, but for things you never realized you wanted.

Thank you, every time!

Kurrama Oct 31 2020 12:53


Toastwyrm 4 Oct 31 2020 13:19

Yes! My first update to partake in! I’m so honoured!

Odin - Father Of All 4 Oct 31 2020 13:27

Thank you Devs!

Peanut Butter Cup Oct 31 2020 13:29

Amazing! Not only do we get a neat 24 hour halloween update, we get a whole lotta great permanent goodies!
Thank you Developers!

Artsonian 6 Oct 31 2020 13:37

Thanks, as always, for continuing to improve this game in ways I never even considered. Nine years in (?!?!?) and it’s still got treasures for me!
Happy Halloween!!!

Recliner 4 Oct 31 2020 13:54

This looks great! Thank you for making the game more and more fun!

Mickaaia 4 Oct 31 2020 13:59

Thank you ! And happy Halloween to everyone

Devona Emrys Oct 31 2020 14:19

Nice. Now if I could only get my hero to renew their pet registration withour getting to 80 percent and then not getting it for some reason.

Abgalid 4 Oct 31 2020 14:44

Nice. Thank you for these updates.

Spirit of Tzahal Oct 31 2020 15:04

Thank you for yet another update, devs!

Christel John 4 Oct 31 2020 15:14

Nice update

Ursen Oct 31 2020 15:21

Thanks for all the hard work everyone 😄✌

NebulousOne 6 Oct 31 2020 15:45

That looks interesting! Thanks for your continued improvement of this game! Look forward to this change!

Hershey Almighty 6 Oct 31 2020 15:47

As always, great update! Looking forward to checking out the new content and features!

Hankvi Guidza 6 Oct 31 2020 17:03

Amazing! Love these quality of life improvements and other such tidbits.

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