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Godville, Aug 31 2020

Mushroom Season
The summer is almost over – which means it’s time for mushroom hunting. The whole month of September heroes will constantly stumble upon mushrooms. With strange aura-inducing effects upon eating.

Setting Pets Free
Getting rid of an unwanted pet was always a chore – too much hustle with vet quests and everything. Introducing a new, much simpler way to release an undesired pet-monster (even with levels)! You’ll need only two things for this – an ark and the godly virtue of patience. After spending six uninterrupted months in the ark a pet can be set free into the wild if the god wishes so. (The old way with a vet quest is still here, so you can use it as before.)

Pet’s Relatives
It was always strange to see a pet beating up his own kind. No more of this nonsense – if your hero’s pet meets a relative, it will somehow work things out without a fight.

Sail Chronicles Upgrade
A recent improvement from dungeons has made its way to the seas: new sail replays will reveal the map step by step, just like it was happening in original expeditions.

Pinned Chats
Long-awaited and many times requested feature for messaging: pin conversations to the top of your list, so the most important friends will always be just a tap away.

App Update
Most of the things mentioned today require an app update. Both Android and iOS apps have been updated recently, so make sure you’re on the latest version to enjoy the new stuff. There are two bonus features inside: search on page for built-in web browser, and new in-fight notification – ‘notify after X turns’.

Comments (36)
Mythras of Arbor 6 Aug 31 2020 10:24

You guys always find awesome little ways to improve the game, love the idea that our pets don’t have to fight their kind anymore! 🥳

TaiJuan 6 Aug 31 2020 10:29

Excellent features. Thanks, Devs!

Cham Almighty 5 Aug 31 2020 10:30


Madam Kharma Aug 31 2020 10:35

Oh my gosh. Just today I was figuring out the last update date and thought to myself

“hmm.. if they stay consistent they are due for an update right away..”

Sure enough, it was today.

I’m probably not first anymore

Hankvi Guidza 4 Aug 31 2020 10:37

I just got the ark, so much excellent news and features all around!

Searching has never been easier so that’s awesome.

Great work as always! 💜

Cowabungallow 4 Aug 31 2020 10:39

Searching with the built-in browser!? Hurray! You read my mind! (And yay for all the other stuff too. Obviously.) You guys are awesome!

Adje Aug 31 2020 10:56


Hairplug4men 6 Aug 31 2020 11:10

Thank you for constantly keeping a game I love fresh for years. Being able to pin messages to the top when I have been known to send messages to everybody is a great update.

Lord Vagrant Aug 31 2020 11:20

Pet Ark boys, it’s your turn! Six months is not much time.
/so good, wat I read this news again, in English now/

Dogess 5 Aug 31 2020 11:24

Thanks, guys! Your hard work is appreciated!

Jimbob64 6 Aug 31 2020 11:30

Yet again, improvements we never realized we needed and are now grateful we have- thanks!

The Veryself 5 Aug 31 2020 12:05

This is a great update! Thanks!

Recliner 4 Aug 31 2020 12:39

Thanks for everything. The improvements are great!

Anugrah b Sunil Aug 31 2020 12:40

New update 👏👏

Ear wind 5 Aug 31 2020 12:43


Lastsight Aug 31 2020 15:12

Very nice update… thanks for continuing to make GV better

Leroy Jethro Gibbs 4 Aug 31 2020 15:22

Nice update guys! Thanks a bunch.

Sophie The Woo 4 Aug 31 2020 15:40

This is a great update, thanks and looking forward to seeing my hero w shrooms lol! 🍄🍄🍄

All Mighty Joyce 5 Aug 31 2020 15:41

Thank you for keeping the game refreshing and innovative during this pandemic times. My hero has helped keep my sanity.

Bust It Baby 6 Aug 31 2020 16:04

You just keep making the game better and better with every update! Thanks!

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