10th Anniversary!

Godville, May 10 2020

Hello, Godville’s gods and goddesses! Today is a really special day.

Ten years ago, on May 10, 2010, this world was created. (This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.)

So today we’re celebrating Godville’s 10th Anniversary. Tenth! Can you imagine it?

(We are not, frankly. It’s simply too much for our fragile minds to grasp.)

Nevertheless, here we are. Thanks to the gods and goddesses — it’s great to have you all here. Thanks to our heroes — they work tirelessly to amuse us. Thanks to all those who help — we couldn’t do it without you. Thanks to the server daemons — they (almost) never let us down. In other words, thanks to everything and everybody.

Let’s get to the celebration part, shall we? Firstly, congratulate your hero with a godvoice to fill your accumulator with a supersized pack of charges. That should get you in the right mood.

Then check the godpower capacitor in the newspaper — it went off the scale. For the next 5 days it will be bursting with energy and will even yield some extra — if a hero is not too busy. Meanwhile loads of specially bred anniversary monsters have been released into the fields, waiting to be defeated and sacrificed. Running out of godpower would be really hard for the next few days.

Finally, as a part of the celebration, we’re doing a Reddit AMA right now. Check it out if you’re burning with questions or just want to know more about Godville history.

Happy Anniversary!

Comments (127)
Divinicus Mortalus 4 May 10 2020 17:00

FANTASTIC! Happy 10th Anniversary, Godville! Thank you to all the devs for this great game!

Aidan1906 5 May 10 2020 17:15

Amazing! I can’t believe it’s been that long

Q7M 4 May 10 2020 17:15

Happy 10th anniversary, Godville!🤩😍

Turrin Toorinbarr May 10 2020 17:18

Happy anniversary

Celestice May 10 2020 17:22

Happy Anniversary!!! Here’s to many, many more!!!

Jaqque 4 May 10 2020 17:26

Ten years – hard to imagine. What was I doing 10 years ago? I wasn’t even a god at that time – Like a previous poster been here eight years, eight months ago. Still on my first Guild!

Congratulations to the team for a wildly successful ZPG. A thank you to all the other deities out there keeping it fun and interesting.

Pedro Piedras May 10 2020 17:26

Happy anniversary bois

Bust It Baby 6 May 10 2020 17:27

Happy anniversary!! Thanks for 10 years of idle entertainment, arenas, dungeons, sailings, datamines, and so much more! Here’s to another 10!

Vemego 4 May 10 2020 17:32

Congratulations, and rejoice in getting thirty! Hooray! Thank! 🎂

SourceRunner 5 May 10 2020 17:35

Wow!!! Very well done, and very, very many congratulations on ten amazing years! Thank you for all of your hard work that has made this wonderful place possible.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Godville! You are awesome!

Cotzbalam 4 May 10 2020 17:36

Amazing achievement!! BIG thank you to all the devs for all the hard work you all put into this labour of love, plus bonus thanks to all the player-Ideaboxers who contribute variety and rich content to the game.

I’ve been here for almost seven years now. Very few games can capture and retain my attention and loyalty for that long…

Abgalid May 10 2020 17:41

It has been over a year for me. Happy anniversary Godville.

Sireniya May 10 2020 17:56

Happy 10th Anniversary Godville! \o/

My hero just celebrated his 9th birthday, crazy to think it’s been that long O.O

Artsonian 5 May 10 2020 18:13

I wonder what the magic was 8 years and 8 months ago that drew so many of these commenters (like myself) to this wonderful world?

So so so many thanks to the devs — for creating such a space for a true community. So many good friends have been made through this allegedly “zero” player game. My fellow deities have carried me through many LifeVille rough spots, and I cannot express my appreciation enough for the gift that you have given us all.

Thank you Devs, and thank you Godville. Happy 10th birthday, and here’s to many many more!

Cham Almighty 4 May 10 2020 18:19

Congratulations on the big tenth, Godville!

And to the god-like Devs: be proud of what you’ve created. You’ve given a great deal of laughter and entertainment. That’s not a small thing, especially in these strange times. I’ve been here for over 2 years now, and it’s still fresh. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Spirit of Tzahal May 10 2020 18:23

Happy birthday, Godville – the most enjoyable game I never played. Thank you for years of joy and laughter!

Jewels-Karma May 10 2020 18:45

Congrats on a great little game and creating a community of fun!

She-06 4 May 10 2020 18:47

Happy 10th Anniversary!!!

Anathema Pulsifer May 10 2020 19:14

Happy 10th anniversary, Godville!

Croak3r May 10 2020 19:26

I regretted not knowing this epic game 10 yrs ago!

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