10th Anniversary!

Godville, May 10 2020

Hello, Godville’s gods and goddesses! Today is a really special day.

Ten years ago, on May 10, 2010, this world was created. (This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.)

So today we’re celebrating Godville’s 10th Anniversary. Tenth! Can you imagine it?

(We are not, frankly. It’s simply too much for our fragile minds to grasp.)

Nevertheless, here we are. Thanks to the gods and goddesses — it’s great to have you all here. Thanks to our heroes — they work tirelessly to amuse us. Thanks to all those who help — we couldn’t do it without you. Thanks to the server daemons — they (almost) never let us down. In other words, thanks to everything and everybody.

Let’s get to the celebration part, shall we? Firstly, congratulate your hero with a godvoice to fill your accumulator with a supersized pack of charges. That should get you in the right mood.

Then check the godpower capacitor in the newspaper — it went off the scale. For the next 5 days it will be bursting with energy and will even yield some extra — if a hero is not too busy. Meanwhile loads of specially bred anniversary monsters have been released into the fields, waiting to be defeated and sacrificed. Running out of godpower would be really hard for the next few days.

Finally, as a part of the celebration, we’re doing a Reddit AMA right now. Check it out if you’re burning with questions or just want to know more about Godville history.

Happy Anniversary!

Comments (127)
Goddess iliana 4 May 10 2020 15:30

Happy birthday Godville and co, many happy returns and keep us entertained.

Dellie May 10 2020 15:32

Happy 10th Anniversary, Godville!

Cusack May 10 2020 15:35

A Happy Anniversary it is!

Cloviussia 4 May 10 2020 15:36

Happy Birthday 🎂

TaiJuan 6 May 10 2020 15:37

Congrats!! Thank you, Devs, for this game, which keeps me coming back day after day. 100 other games have been downloaded and deleted, but Godville keeps on satisfying.

Apsalar 6 May 10 2020 15:44

A big congratulations and thankyou from me!

Infinitecircle 5 May 10 2020 15:46

Happy Anniversary. What an accomplishment

GideonT May 10 2020 15:54

10 years. Hard to believe. Congratulations and best wishes for many more.

Vadzimu May 10 2020 15:54

Happy birthday Godville!

NebulousOne 6 May 10 2020 16:01

Wow! 😍😱😲 That’s an awesome and amazing accomplishment for us all. Congratulations 🎊 everyone who’s been creating and helping to make this Godville World fun and challenging and making it it a place to keep coming back into! I’m still alive and here after 8years6+months! Who would have thought that would happen?

Talissa 4 May 10 2020 16:20

Wow! 10 years! What a great accomplishment!

Saturio 6 May 10 2020 16:21

Happy birthday Godville! and somehow I though this was the 9th but it’s been 10 years already :D

Hankvi Guidza May 10 2020 16:22

This game has changed my life is such a positive way, I wouldn’t dare go back! 💜

Congrats to you all for adding another digit (How would the 3 digits be like? Would we still be around???)

Setaria 4 May 10 2020 16:36

Happy birthday and thanks! You guys made my days both funnier and challenging with the bingo and boss fights.

Ab-Ashanti May 10 2020 16:37

Congratulatuions on reaching 10 years 🎂 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻, and thank-you for the perfect sandbox to cut my Goddess Complex down to size 👸🏻!
It really is the ONLY game in which I’ve ever been this invested … pretty good for a ZPG lol
(And thanks for the goodies!)

P4r4x May 10 2020 16:40

Woah!! Happy 10th creation day!!

Laleen May 10 2020 16:44

☺Happy Anniversary!

Ignis Pyrus May 10 2020 16:53

Happy anniversary!

Brinjal 4 May 10 2020 16:55

Wow! Double digits! Congratulations, Godville! It makes me proud to know that my hero has been around for eight of those, and my guild will be celebrating five in just seven days! Wow, can’t believe I’ve been a guild owner for almost half of Godville’s life. But this isn’t about me, this is about an amazing game and the incredible people who create it! Thanks so much for all you do and I hope for many more amazing years!

Inf1nty May 10 2020 16:56


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