Godville Turns 9

Godville, May 10 2019

Today is a big day.

On this day, nine years ago this world was created. It took a bit longer than 7 days. Way longer. In a way, the creation is still going on. Over these years heroes learned fighting and dueling, spelunking and shipbuilding, sailing, fishing and many other things – all to please, praise and entertain their gods.

It all won’t be possible without our incredible, creative and supportive community of Godville gods. Be it a new idea or game text, a bug report or grammar correction, godwiki contribution, a purchase of charges to support the game, or just helping out a fellow player, or any of the other countless things a god can do – it all adds up to the main goal – to make Godville nice and pleasant place to be, to make it a bit better than it was yesterday.

So, today is the day for gods and their heroes to celebrate. Let’s get the feast going: today and for the next 2 days congratulate your hero with a god voice to get a festive pack of accumulator charges. It would be useful to cheer up your duel opponent, dungeon comrades and sail party too.

Cheers to Godville and all its dwellers – under the ground, in the sky and all the way in between!

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Harbinger of War 4 May 10 2019 16:20

Can’t believe it’s been 9 years already. Happy Birthday Godville. Ni!

Rikuchan May 10 2019 16:30

Happy birthday Godvilles, I’m glad I got to celebrate this special day with you!

Bust It Baby 4 May 10 2019 16:35

Happy birthday Godville. 9 years strong of entertaining us to no ends! Looking forward to 10!

The Mighty Stang 4 May 10 2019 16:39

Congratulations to Godville and all Godvillians! At nine years old we are only now getting to glimpse up and see what the adults are doing at the grown-up table… Ugh! I’m staying in here and playing with the other kids.

Alice A 4 May 10 2019 16:42

Happy Birthday, Godville! And many thanks, devs!!😙

Kirachiana 4 May 10 2019 16:49

Happy Birthday from everyone in Monster Mash!
Congrats to the devs for all the care and support all these years….and to the community of Godville! You are all special!
Happy Birthday!!

Professor Eggnog May 10 2019 16:52

Happy Birthday!

Scrooligan May 10 2019 17:21

Happy birthday, Godville! You’re the best!

Punk-in-d May 10 2019 18:16

Thanks so much! Happy birthday, Godville!

The Almighty Frans 4 May 10 2019 18:47

Congratulations admins and fellow gods!

Cujo DeSockpuppet 4 May 10 2019 19:14

Congratulations to all!

Setaria May 10 2019 19:24

Congrats to the team of creators and all this fake gods and goddesses (because of course I’m the only true Goddess, capital G). You all are just great!

Elantien May 10 2019 19:45

Happy birthday Godville!!!!🎊 🎆🎊🎇🎉🎇🎊🎉🎉

Augnoramous 4 May 10 2019 19:59

YAY! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

Da-Vich 4 May 10 2019 21:49

Happy birthday Godville! 🎂😁

Agunvus May 10 2019 22:02

This one’s to you then, devs and folks. Cheers, and may Godville prosper.

NebulousOne 4 May 10 2019 22:40

Wow, we have been living in Godville that long already? An awesome accomplishment! I love ❤ this place!

Chenae May 10 2019 22:57

Happy 9th Birthday!

Divinicus Mortalus 4 May 10 2019 23:10

Awesome! Happy Ninth Birthday, Godville! And to you as well, Admins, keep it up!

Waaurufu May 10 2019 23:24

Congrats on this milestone, admins! Nearing four years on here and it’s been a great ride, looking forward to more to come.

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