Godville Turns 9

Godville, May 10 2019

Today is a big day.

On this day, nine years ago this world was created. It took a bit longer than 7 days. Way longer. In a way, the creation is still going on. Over these years heroes learned fighting and dueling, spelunking and shipbuilding, sailing, fishing and many other things – all to please, praise and entertain their gods.

It all won’t be possible without our incredible, creative and supportive community of Godville gods. Be it a new idea or game text, a bug report or grammar correction, godwiki contribution, a purchase of charges to support the game, or just helping out a fellow player, or any of the other countless things a god can do – it all adds up to the main goal – to make Godville nice and pleasant place to be, to make it a bit better than it was yesterday.

So, today is the day for gods and their heroes to celebrate. Let’s get the feast going: today and for the next 2 days congratulate your hero with a god voice to get a festive pack of accumulator charges. It would be useful to cheer up your duel opponent, dungeon comrades and sail party too.

Cheers to Godville and all its dwellers – under the ground, in the sky and all the way in between!

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Spooky Guy May 29 2019 03:17


Gordon Stoker Jun 13 2019 02:42

Been playing for 7yrs 9mths, and still loving it.
Happy Birthday GodVille. And Thank You.

Annonymoose Jun 23 2019 16:18

Happy birthday godville!!!

Dabidi Jun 25 2019 11:58

Happy birthday tho I’m a bit late

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