Realigning the Stars

Godville, May 01 2019

Greetings, gods and goddesses. It’s news time!

Forecasting Forecast
As many of you know, Godville Times has a Forecast section, which lists special conditions that affect hero’s life for a given day. Checking the forecast is especially useful for those who like tampering with their champion on a daily basis.

From now on, gods can affect these forecasts. Starting with level 20, a god can voice an opinion on what one of the tomorrow’s forecast should be about: time, trade, influences, etc. Full day of divine voting will surely realign the stars. Then astrologers will decipher the collective will and publish their findings in the next issue of Godville Times.

Besides voting, there are couple new forecasts, which we will leave for the gods to explore.

Sailing News
Summer is near – and it should be a good time for waterborne activities. Dockers agree and will work overtime to re-supply arks for the next voyage quicker – in 8 hours (or just 6 hours if last exit was though the port).

Two new sea types are here to bring new experiences for the well-versed sailors. The first one lets heroes see much further in the distance, but nothing hints at the location of the booty. The second one is peaceful and kind, so no heroes will dare to attack each other.

Ideabox Tweaks
PC version of Ideabox now shows the number of not yet voted ideas in each section (same way like in the mobile apps). Gods with ER access will also see a number of ideas in ER (both PC and mobile). Newly added navigation links at the bottom of each section should make going through Ideabox a breeze.

Comments (31)
Lyme 4 May 01 2019 14:21

Yay! Always glad for updates. Forecasting seems interesting. I can’t wait to see what kinds there are.

Hairplug4men 7 May 01 2019 14:26

Absolutely love the updates to sailing and the new interactive forecast! Well done developers keep up the great work.

Crimsoninvictus May 01 2019 14:26

Nice. Thank you devs. Keep up the good work!

Queenclaire May 01 2019 14:36

You’ll just keep making this game better and better don’t you? I can’t wait to test the new update :D

Wawajabba 4 May 01 2019 14:38

Can’t wait until I have an ark and can take advantage of this. And sounds like now is a good time to try getting that ER access…

Dogess 6 May 01 2019 14:38

Updates are always so fun! Thanks, Devs!

Andrele 4 May 01 2019 14:41

Forecasting Forecast looks pretty awesome! Thanks devs😁

Jimbob64 6 May 01 2019 14:51

Oh, cool ideas! Suggesting the next forecast should be a fun power, though a minor one except collectively. Shorter sailing cooldown and more options on ways to sail sound nice to have.
And as always, the quality of life improvements are appreciated.

Great Gloria May 01 2019 15:02

Neat updates, as always. Thanks, devs! 👏

Beausoleil 4 May 01 2019 15:09

Always nice to see new additions to the game. Thank you.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs 4 May 01 2019 15:11

Influencing the weather. That sounds exciting!
Yet another nice update.

Alice A 4 May 01 2019 15:24

Love voting on the forecast. Thanks, devs!

The Mighty Stang 4 May 01 2019 15:33

Godville – Where voting is always encouraged and election results are above reproach. Congrats to the Devs, long may they serve!

Cassia Rainsonne 5 May 01 2019 15:39

Thanks for all the updates! I look forward to sailing more now that summer is almost here

Vashtanurada 6 May 01 2019 16:12

Please just let us our pet’s exp bar :(

Power Plate0 4 May 01 2019 16:48

except the news about the sea, everything else is boring

Ibrahime May 01 2019 18:09

Gods position the stars¡ Brilliant!

Augnoramous 6 May 01 2019 19:19

Sounds fun!

S624 6 May 01 2019 19:44

Like the new look for Ideabox on PC, great work. Looking forward to the new sail types & forecasts.

Elantien May 01 2019 20:16

Thanks !! Good job .

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