Realigning the Stars

Godville, May 01 2019

Greetings, gods and goddesses. It’s news time!

Forecasting Forecast
As many of you know, Godville Times has a Forecast section, which lists special conditions that affect hero’s life for a given day. Checking the forecast is especially useful for those who like tampering with their champion on a daily basis.

From now on, gods can affect these forecasts. Starting with level 20, a god can voice an opinion on what one of the tomorrow’s forecast should be about: time, trade, influences, etc. Full day of divine voting will surely realign the stars. Then astrologers will decipher the collective will and publish their findings in the next issue of Godville Times.

Besides voting, there are couple new forecasts, which we will leave for the gods to explore.

Sailing News
Summer is near – and it should be a good time for waterborne activities. Dockers agree and will work overtime to re-supply arks for the next voyage quicker – in 8 hours (or just 6 hours if last exit was though the port).

Two new sea types are here to bring new experiences for the well-versed sailors. The first one lets heroes see much further in the distance, but nothing hints at the location of the booty. The second one is peaceful and kind, so no heroes will dare to attack each other.

Ideabox Tweaks
PC version of Ideabox now shows the number of not yet voted ideas in each section (same way like in the mobile apps). Gods with ER access will also see a number of ideas in ER (both PC and mobile). Newly added navigation links at the bottom of each section should make going through Ideabox a breeze.

Comments (31)
The Prophecy Toaster May 01 2019 21:31

Thank you guys, you’re always doing a great job with keeping things interesting!

The Almighty Snuff May 01 2019 21:46

Awesome. Making Godville Times something worthwhile to check :)

Bust It Baby 4 May 02 2019 02:59

Wonderful! Thanks for the update!!

Thorbjoern 4 May 03 2019 03:51

Great news for the news -

Tomoya9000 May 03 2019 07:05

How do I make the weather happen?

The Council-of-Ricks May 07 2019 14:44

Loving the Ideabox improvements, but can we add a “dupe” button to Android? I can see how many dupes other people have voted, but my choices are just Yes/No on Android OS. Let me know!

Nakor the Blue Rider 4 May 07 2019 17:55

@Ricks: Long press on the text of an ideabox entry to see the “Dupe” option.

The Council-of-Ricks May 07 2019 22:32

@Nakor Got it, thank you!!

I wasn’t holding the entry long enough before 😅

Skull base13579 Jul 31 2019 06:25


Toastymctoast Sep 06 2019 10:37


Vivecton Oct 18 2019 06:50

Add a banner or something the player is able to customize. Thank you great game 2yrs+in

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