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Godville, Jan 30 2018

Hello, fellow gods! Lots of exciting news today. Let’s start off with guilds.

Guild Spotlight

After long begging Godville Times editors gave up and agreed to add a whole new section dedicated to guilds. Every day it will feature two guilds, randomly selected from Top-100 of all guild pantheons. Obviously, having a guild included in more than one pantheon increases its chances to appear. By the way, Famous Heroes newspaper section works in a similar way, only requiring heroes to be in Top-200.

On Guild Leaving

It is known that heroes tend to leave a guild during first few months of membership. However, years of continuous training are finally bearing a fruit – the heroes will stop fleeing from guild 1.5 months earlier, once they achieve Grandmaster guild rank. Btw, did you know that if a hero’s alignment is similar to the guild’s alignment he is less likely to leave the guild?

Keep in mind though that godless heroes will still be expelled from guilds after 30 days of inactivity, regardless of their guild rank. The nice change here is that from now on Godville’s postal service will send one-time warning email few days before expelling. Only if you have a recovery email for your account, of course (can be set on Settings screen within the app).

Heroes Birthdays

It was suddenly noticed that Godville heroes are not some perishable item. Their shelf-life is measured in years and it’s worth to keep track of heroes’ birthdays. Now guildmates can see in the Guild Bulletin who were born today (if any), so they can congratulate them. By the way, the heroes will get a present too – on their birthday all drinks and partying are free!

Sparring Checkmarks

One needs to get dozens of Spars with friends to get the Coach achievement and the further you go the harder it gets to keep these records in mind. From now on, the Sparring partner selection list will mark those friends that you already trained with (please install today’s app update if playing on Android). Hooray.

Sea Pets

Last but not least, let’s talk about our lovely pets. It turned out that some monster species are quite amphibious and can lend heroes their paw, fin or limb in sails. Landsharks will accompany heroes starting from level 80. Higher level heroes will be able to tame a Ticking Crocodile, OctoBear, Battle Toad, Presidential Seal and even a Fail Whale. Sea pets will help in sails by peeking into distance and helping to explore islands.

Comments (57)
Tsaroc Jan 30 2018 14:12

Bing bing bong

Jimbob64 6 Jan 30 2018 14:23

Neat stuff. Thanks for the steady improvements to each bit of Godville at a time- it’s always a pleasure to see what our developers pull out of their magic game-designer hats.

The Mighty Stang 4 Jan 30 2018 15:15

Once again, making the best better. Three cheers for Devs who listen to patient pleadings from players!

Dogess 6 Jan 30 2018 15:41

YAY! So many useful updates all at once! Thank you!

Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Jan 30 2018 16:29

New pets sound cool! Thanks!

Goddess iliana 4 Jan 30 2018 17:03

WOW! The game just got better! Thanks.

Nooooo Good GOOODD 4 Jan 30 2018 17:27

Thank’s for keep making the game better and better.

Tlazolteteo 5 Jan 30 2018 17:58

So many new implementations that I remember seeing the feature request thread. Very happy to see that player suggestions are becoming reality! Thanks to all the devs for their hard work! \0/

Bbekaah 4 Jan 30 2018 19:41

Can somebody ring my phone please… I’m in the attic and have misplaced it…

All Mighty Joyce 6 Jan 30 2018 19:48

I love the way you always think outside the box! Best ZPG ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bimmy Tummers 4 Jan 30 2018 21:11

Thank you for these cool changes!

Vemego 4 Jan 30 2018 22:37

Interesting ideas, especially badges for training. Can clearly see who he was with whom he was not! Also _ thanks for birthday_, because the characters also want to have fun.
And thanks again that the new features are simultaneously here and there.?

Skeezee 6 Jan 30 2018 23:15

I wish it had the email warning before. I was with my guild for over 1000 days I believe. Fell into hard times and then my hero left the guild before I could get back to GV.

Cham Almighty 6 Jan 31 2018 01:24

These changes are all brilliant. I love how you keep innovating, making Godville even better. Thank you!!

Tymrarria Jan 31 2018 03:38


J0KER 4 Jan 31 2018 06:09

Awesome changes and great addition to the game…THANKS!!! ?

Augnoramous 6 Jan 31 2018 06:58
super cool. Gotta get me a sea pet!
Ekosh Jan 31 2018 11:33

Nice work, keep it up!

Crazy Davey Jan 31 2018 15:27

Ain’t there something lovely for a newcomer like me?

Morganthia Jan 31 2018 18:39

This is all pretty cool. Now my heroine probably won’t drift between guilds as much. Thanks!

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