Monster Day

Godville, Apr 01 2017

First weekend of April – what a good day to tidy things up and welcome the nature! Therefore, all heroes are ordered to go outside and do something good for environment. Or more specifically – meet, greet, hug and heal monsters in appreciation of their hard service for the last year and the years to come.

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SiTheSuperior Apr 01 2017 10:19
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Nice. Better save up my recharges.

All4u Apr 01 2017 10:19
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Azzageddi Apr 01 2017 10:23
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And happy April Fool’s to you too!

Queen arres Apr 01 2017 10:25
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Happy april fool… ????

Pan Spinacz Apr 01 2017 10:39
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I’ll do it right away!

Nozel Apr 01 2017 10:39
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Happy april fool ;)

SourceRunner Apr 01 2017 11:02
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Ah!!! This is AWESOME! Great idea, devs. XD

Ultimate Beginner Apr 01 2017 11:04
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So the heroes are helping the monsters now? Seems legit, I’ll take it!

Toddster561 Apr 01 2017 11:07
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Monsters deserve more than being killed and harvested of their fortunes. They are the primary source of our gold and experience after all :D. Happy Monster Appreciation Day! #StopMonsterAbuse

Kantanokaze Apr 01 2017 11:12
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……… our heroes are going to die… aren’t they?

Gelare Apr 01 2017 11:30
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Oh no rip my destruction ranking :(

Godshana Apr 01 2017 11:30
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Joyous. ? Happy April!

Arath Veloran Apr 01 2017 11:55
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Yay! Does anyone know if boss “fights” are possible today?

EgoSumSingularitas Apr 01 2017 12:15
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If there’s something I excel at is following orders. Thus I hereby proclaim that any hero I see on the road doing harm to the monster-folk of Godville, I will greet you “YE’HAW” before excessively healing your mark! I am nature’s friend today! Oh look, a squirrel…

Holy Spirit of Hell Apr 01 2017 12:48
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This is great. Thanks, Godville!

Jimbob64 Apr 01 2017 12:54
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This is a darned funny day. I like it.

NebulousOne Apr 01 2017 13:02
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I like hugging monsters! ?

Aieie Apr 01 2017 13:18
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My per healed the monsters

Mordac Apr 01 2017 13:38
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wait what

Vemego Apr 01 2017 13:41
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and paint a picture of a portal in reality

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