Monster Day

Godville, Apr 01 2017

First weekend of April – what a good day to tidy things up and welcome the nature! Therefore, all heroes are ordered to go outside and do something good for environment. Or more specifically – meet, greet, hug and heal monsters in appreciation of their hard service for the last year and the years to come.

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Dipablo Apr 02 2017 00:43

05:42 PM The Prankenstein sleeps peacefully, regaining his strength. I’m about to give him a trophy generator and slowly walk away.

Lorin Brightblade 5 Apr 02 2017 00:52

06:50 PM This Monorail Cat is shining clean. Gave him a malnutrition supplement as a loot and sent for a walk.

Shapparhia Apr 02 2017 01:18

02:17 This Chain-Mailman looks like new now. Also gave him some pocket change — 52 gold coins.

Locara Apr 02 2017 03:23

10:14 PM The Millennium Bug feels more alive than dead. Gave him 97 gold coins as future loot and sent him out for further field testing.

Occulte Bellona Apr 02 2017 04:34

06:17 Sooba really wanted to smack the Lumbarjack on the head. Barely convinced him to wait for tomorrow.

Corville05 Apr 02 2017 05:06

11:56 PM The Heffalump feels more alive than dead. Gave him 94 gold coins as future loot and sent him out for further field testing.

Divine Mdm Pancakes Apr 02 2017 07:22

I LOVE this idea, so much fun! :D

Shipoopie Apr 02 2017 08:22

This would be great if I wasn’t trying to save gold to heal my dazed heffalump. I keep giving all my gold to these cleaned up monsters.

Bluesabre Apr 02 2017 10:24

Came across a Lost Viking who complained about hordes of heroes trying to prevent it from completing its quests.

Hmm… seems like some heroes aren’t following National Monster Day…

Bluesabre Apr 02 2017 11:12

When is it going to end?! My hero just dropped an evil rank cause I haven’t been able to return to town enough and recharge enough godpower to continuously zap him into unconsciousness! I NEED MY LIGHTNING BOLTS TO FRY HIM!

Byrrenzolt Apr 02 2017 15:07

20:48 The 101 Headed Dalmatian will live long and prosper. Especially with 100 coins I gave to him.

JulIce Apr 02 2017 16:15

Is this event ending any time soon?
This has stopped being funny by now you know :| this game is slow as it is, don’t need something that slows it even more.

Olgreatone Apr 02 2017 17:29

This was quite a surprise.

Junkalow Apr 03 2017 05:40

I enjoyed seeing the new entries, additionally I utilized the artifact kiosks to extract for bing more efficiently. In turn getting more items from the kiosk faster again ..

Kartinmat Apr 03 2017 06:59

It was pretty interesting until the point I realized my monsters killed count went down and hit zero.

Ironscalp 4 Apr 05 2017 16:34

Lmao… I hope the devs reimburse me for the extra 20 charges i had to waste to get enough gold to heal my pet

Ironscalp 4 Apr 05 2017 16:35

Pets are monsters too after all.. Where was their appreciation?

Dragovile May 10 2017 15:05

How do you heal an opponent monster?

JOvi JOestar Jun 27 2017 03:16

How to have a boss fight

JOvi JOestar Jun 27 2017 03:18

How doi vote for a monster?

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