Godville, Mar 14 2017

Everybody who uses Remote Control a lot knows how inconvenient it could be sometimes to manually discharge the accumulator – especially during a duel or sail, when every second counts. Today’s feature is meant to improve that. Please welcome the new “Auto-Discharge” option in the Settings.

The name speaks for itself, but just in case – here is what happens once you enable it. Influence buttons in the Remote will become always visible, regardless of godpower remaining. Whenever you send an influence without having enough godpower, the Remote will automatically use one accumulator charge to make your wish come true. Very convenient.

It’s also good to keep track of the charges in the accumulator. To make that easier, here is another cool thing – Accumulator Usage History, which shows the last few accumulator discharges and top-ups as well. It can be found in the Remote -> Charging history (mobile apps) or Profile -> Recharges (web browser). Make sure to update your mobile app to the latest version (released today) to use these new features.

A reminder to the gods with temples: the more charges you have in the accumulator, the harder it is for the temple to generate new ones. The temple works better when charges are in the two-digits range.

In other news: the strong desire of heroes to live caused them to beef up their swimming skills, so they will no longer drown or die during sail. If you have an ark but have no time, you can still send your hero sailing – while the hero may or may not find the booty, at least he’ll have a swim.

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Anubhavagrawal 4 Mar 14 2017 13:11


Marios The Greek Mar 14 2017 13:18

The auto-discharger is neat! And also thanks for the temple notice.

Saturio 6 Mar 14 2017 13:26

Getting drowned is not fun anymore :d

Juanalmighty 6 Mar 14 2017 13:39

I just died sailing!

Ni Lao Beh 6 Mar 14 2017 13:52

well good reason to finally start using up my charges

Richmagus Mar 14 2017 14:10


Hairplug4men 7 Mar 14 2017 14:22

Loving the auto recharge! Thank you Godville. I will never again lose a fight because I forgot to restore. Now I will lose it based on my own merits.

Azullus Mar 14 2017 14:23

Good to know

Serfer 6 Mar 14 2017 15:17

Dig the discharge feature. I wish the drowning would stay, and something similar would be added for dungeons. Get so tired of going into a dungeon to find out I’m the only actually active person there. Turns out to be a loss of time and charges.
It is why I don’t bother with dungeons with the exception of saving a pet. In which case, I have very specific people I will go into a dungeon with. I don’t leave it to chance any more than I have to, because I have been left hanging more times than not. Makes some of the accomplishments borderline impossible. It is also the reason why I hoard my charges. I have had to use over 50 charges in a single dungeon to carry at least one other person to the end. So I could get my treasure.

Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Mar 14 2017 15:22

Auto-discharge sounds great!

Nooooo Good GOOODD 5 Mar 14 2017 15:31

Well done! Thank you…

Diabetic Chicken 4 Mar 14 2017 15:44

Dang, this is going to make it a heck of a lot harder to duel with people who have a lot of charges.

Jimbob65 6 Mar 14 2017 16:00

This sounds really convenient for heavy charge users. And it gives me an excuse to burn some of my hundreds of charges now that I know it’ll charge faster in the double digits… the auto-discharge feature should help with that.

And I never really got into sailing- maybe the not-dying thing will make it less worrisome whwen trying to learn.

Saturio 6 Mar 14 2017 16:47

I think the temple recharge thing is a reminder - something that has been there before this entry, then this entry make the well known secret into an official fact.

Good to see that someone else does not like the idea that getting drowned is not going to result in death. I can sort of understand why this change is made, but I would still like to see death as a possible ending. Perhaps if you drown you will only have 60% chance to survive etc.

Fanry 4 Mar 14 2017 18:11

The auto discharge feature sounds pretty useful for dungeons and such. Keep up the good work!

Bust It Baby 6 Mar 14 2017 19:04

Thank you for the update! You guys always find a way to improve the game, even after all these years!

Vemego 4 Mar 14 2017 19:12

Yeah, and if the case error

Blarblegarb 6 Mar 14 2017 22:17

I actually liked dying on the seas. It was the easiest way to rack up deaths.

Dronak 6 Mar 15 2017 01:07

This explains why I seemed to be gaining few, if any, charges lately. I’ve got a lot still sitting around, and I guess that’s limiting how many I get from my temple. I kind of figured that was what was happening, but it’s nice to see actual confirmation.

Celestial Rervert 6 Mar 15 2017 07:37

Is the Auto-Discharge setting available on Chrome? I found it on the app but I don’t see it anywhere in the settings when I’m on Chrome.

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