Godville, Mar 14 2017

Everybody who uses Remote Control a lot knows how inconvenient it could be sometimes to manually discharge the accumulator – especially during a duel or sail, when every second counts. Today’s feature is meant to improve that. Please welcome the new “Auto-Discharge” option in the Settings.

The name speaks for itself, but just in case – here is what happens once you enable it. Influence buttons in the Remote will become always visible, regardless of godpower remaining. Whenever you send an influence without having enough godpower, the Remote will automatically use one accumulator charge to make your wish come true. Very convenient.

It’s also good to keep track of the charges in the accumulator. To make that easier, here is another cool thing – Accumulator Usage History, which shows the last few accumulator discharges and top-ups as well. It can be found in the Remote -> Charging history (mobile apps) or Profile -> Recharges (web browser). Make sure to update your mobile app to the latest version (released today) to use these new features.

A reminder to the gods with temples: the more charges you have in the accumulator, the harder it is for the temple to generate new ones. The temple works better when charges are in the two-digits range.

In other news: the strong desire of heroes to live caused them to beef up their swimming skills, so they will no longer drown or die during sail. If you have an ark but have no time, you can still send your hero sailing – while the hero may or may not find the booty, at least he’ll have a swim.

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Celestial Rervert 6 Mar 15 2017 07:41

Never mind, I found a work around. I set the Auto option ON on the app and the settings got carried over to the browser.
Anyway, thanks for the update.

Young Jury Mar 15 2017 09:00

Im not a God, Im a superGod ?

MaxIsLegit Mar 15 2017 12:33

I just wanted to leave a comment :)

EliteXxPhoenix Mar 16 2017 15:53

Great additions!

Aljian Mar 20 2017 23:12

I use the remote alot. THANKS

Apexman Mar 21 2017 23:45

Um drowning is more realistic but you should moderate it with swimming and sailing skills

Inconstant Reader Mar 25 2017 22:49

I’m unable to find the auto-discharge setting in Firefox.

Diton- May 04 2017 21:41

I like the GOD power.

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