Let It Snow

Godville, Dec 22 2016

Holidays are coming. It’s time to take some snow and spread some merriness around.

  • Once again, holiday spirit brings back to existence a fair-style tent-city of Laplandville in the outskirts of Godville.
  • Hordes of Santa Clawses, with bags of presents, are starting to appear in the fields – don’t miss a rare chance to tame one as a pet.
  • Other seasonal inhabitants are Festive monsters – defeating them instantly grants an accumulator charge.
  • And even the regular monsters are starting to walk around with gifts, easily activatable by gods without using any godpower.

The heroes themselves have found a brand new merry activity involving snowflakes, snowballs and something else made out of it. Pay attention to the hero’s inventory and watch the magic happen.

Enjoy the festive goodies! Happy Holidays!

PS: Snowflakes can also be used in the newspaper’s Bingo!

Comments (44)
Derelict Red Dec 22 2016 10:50

Awesome. Thank you for the update!

SourceRunner 6 Dec 22 2016 10:57

Hurrah! Thank you, devs! Happy Holidays to you, too!

Zrys 4 Dec 22 2016 10:59


Cheshire Mad 5 Dec 22 2016 11:01

Thank you! Happy Holidays to you too!

Akn 5 Dec 22 2016 11:02

Thank you for the festive updates! Enjoy everyone!

JoergSievers 5 Dec 22 2016 11:19

Great Random, you enlighten the holidays… Happy Holidays y’all

Anubhavagrawal 4 Dec 22 2016 11:28

It’s that time of the year again … How I missed that town next to Godville

Aieie 4 Dec 22 2016 11:33

Santa claw ---------

Quoki Dec 22 2016 11:36

Great! Thanks for bringing festive mood into the game) Happy holidays to everyone!

Nice Hat Dec 22 2016 11:43
Nice update. I love a great snowball-fight. Merry Christmas and happy holidays all.
Naun Dec 22 2016 11:50

Woot! Happy Holidays to you all!

Thank you Devs for your continuous work and keeping things interesting. Great job!

Alice A 4 Dec 22 2016 12:32

Yes!!! Thank you, devs. May your days be merry and bright.

Chinese Wolf 6 Dec 22 2016 12:47

Happy holidays!

Magnus Infernum Dec 22 2016 13:24

Love this game! Happy holidays!

Lord Jarraxxus Dec 22 2016 13:48

Awesome!Thanks Dec’s!

All Mighty Joyce 6 Dec 22 2016 14:03

Great holiday update. Thanks!

Bura Dec 22 2016 14:49

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Aieie 4 Dec 22 2016 15:00

Dropped a snow ball from monster?

Elvithriel 5 Dec 22 2016 15:52

Thank you for the extra seasonal fun and hope everyone has happy holidays!

ZiriguiDoom Dec 22 2016 16:34

Thank you devs and merry xmas everyone! _

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