Let It Snow

Godville, Dec 22 2016

Holidays are coming. It’s time to take some snow and spread some merriness around.

  • Once again, holiday spirit brings back to existence a fair-style tent-city of Laplandville in the outskirts of Godville.
  • Hordes of Santa Clawses, with bags of presents, are starting to appear in the fields – don’t miss a rare chance to tame one as a pet.
  • Other seasonal inhabitants are Festive monsters – defeating them instantly grants an accumulator charge.
  • And even the regular monsters are starting to walk around with gifts, easily activatable by gods without using any godpower.

The heroes themselves have found a brand new merry activity involving snowflakes, snowballs and something else made out of it. Pay attention to the hero’s inventory and watch the magic happen.

Enjoy the festive goodies! Happy Holidays!

PS: Snowflakes can also be used in the newspaper’s Bingo!

Comments (44)
Vemego 4 Dec 31 2016 18:19

Happy new year! happiness and joy to all!
Very interesting positive game.

Aieie 4 Jan 01 2017 08:29

@forest king: 6 snowflake or aura of trail

Rizizuns 4 Jan 01 2017 12:41

@Aieie: You just need 3 of them

Forest King 4 Jan 02 2017 03:17

I had 4 a couple of days ago, I didn’t get a match.

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