Let It Snow

Godville, Dec 22 2016

Holidays are coming. It’s time to take some snow and spread some merriness around.

  • Once again, holiday spirit brings back to existence a fair-style tent-city of Laplandville in the outskirts of Godville.
  • Hordes of Santa Clawses, with bags of presents, are starting to appear in the fields – don’t miss a rare chance to tame one as a pet.
  • Other seasonal inhabitants are Festive monsters – defeating them instantly grants an accumulator charge.
  • And even the regular monsters are starting to walk around with gifts, easily activatable by gods without using any godpower.

The heroes themselves have found a brand new merry activity involving snowflakes, snowballs and something else made out of it. Pay attention to the hero’s inventory and watch the magic happen.

Enjoy the festive goodies! Happy Holidays!

PS: Snowflakes can also be used in the newspaper’s Bingo!

Comments (44)
God of all Peter Dec 22 2016 16:36

Merry Christmas!

Brinjal 6 Dec 22 2016 17:24

Seeing the Closet Skeleton’s dead body, with its ❄ and 37 gold coins in my bloodied hands, I can’t help but feel partly responsible.

Looking forward to seeing that my hero does with this! Happy Hollidays, Devs!

Strapping Young Vlad 4 Dec 22 2016 17:34

In Godville, on Christmas, do we celebrate our hero? I’m God.. he’s my son..hence he’s the son of God. Therefore I submit that Christmas Day in Godville should be called Hero Day.

Grimroc Dec 22 2016 22:38

05:36 PM Gave the trader the ❄ as a gesture of good faith, then beat 260 coins out of him.

Bust It Baby 6 Dec 23 2016 00:37

Happy holidays to all the gods, goddesses, and devs out there!

Asparkoflife 6 Dec 23 2016 01:27

How do i get rid of my current pet……
That i REALLY dont want anyway………
Before the holiday ones leave?!?!
(Im asking the fastest way to KILL my pet.)

Samuel The Thanos Dec 23 2016 05:08

Already got a snowman boss. Thank you devs and merry Christmas.

Augnoramous 6 Dec 23 2016 06:15


FeRDNYC Dec 23 2016 17:21

Man, those Snowman fights are especially harrowing. My hero went into one yesterday with 24 Health.

Still turned out OK.

Happy holidays!

That which is not 6 Dec 23 2016 17:45

18:37 Heard a small popping sound in my loot bag. When I checked, I found that my ❄ had turned into popcorn. Delicious!

Lady Baxter Turk 5 Dec 24 2016 01:43

Great News!!

God of human- Dec 24 2016 15:29

To all merry Christmas .and it’s my b day too .

Weise Socke 5 Dec 24 2016 22:26

Happy Birthday @God of Human . And merry Christmas Peace and Love to everyone :)

Terowack Dec 25 2016 15:57

Merry Christmas

Okidokidoc Dec 26 2016 02:30

GC are disabled… I think maybe It’s a tribute to George Michael’s literal Last Christmas because of a Careless Whisper… Feeling very sad now. RIP, George :-(

Aieie 4 Dec 27 2016 11:45

Christmass event just finished?

Krunox123 Dec 28 2016 06:34

Merry Christmas! :)

BenJammin49 Dec 28 2016 13:16

Merry Christmas indeed :)

Slave Master Dec 28 2016 16:00

Happy holidays

Forest King 4 Dec 31 2016 17:45

Is there a certain amount of snowflakes needed to summon a Snowman?

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