Quest for Booty

Godville, Dec 03 2015

This world didn’t have a lot of water. Just a lake here and a river there that a hero may note in diary. But then, the giant construction happened. Under all the pressure of temples and arks the flat world of Godville broke down and made a big puddle. Finally, the arks are afloat.

The heroes already spent some time near the water with their fishing rods and seem to be ready for more epic waterborne activities. The time has come to leave this sinful land and make some splashes on water. All heroes with completed arks are now ready to sail!

Open-sea navigation is not easy to explain in a few words, so here is a comprehensive manual. It’s highly recommended to read it before hitting the new Sail button in your Remote Control. Savvy?

Comments (34)
Cluster Duck Dec 03 2015 12:15

Wu dah!

Lyme 4 Dec 03 2015 12:20

Yay, I’m so excited!

Kingdada 6 Dec 03 2015 12:21

hoo hoooo!!! thank you

Kayl 6 Dec 03 2015 12:23

Looking forward to this!

Artsonian 6 Dec 03 2015 12:30

Good - I was getting a little too much free time lately! ;-) You guys rock!!!

Jenna Talia 5 Dec 03 2015 12:30

Cool! Can’t wait!

Okidokidoc Dec 03 2015 12:46

Yeah!!! (soon after I build an ark…)

Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Dec 03 2015 13:05

Only about two more years until I build my ark!

God2000 4 Dec 03 2015 13:21

Not having an ark yet, but have fun, all ark owners!

The Great Kuvira Dec 03 2015 14:01

Let’s just first complete my temple okay? I wish I were here when the game was just new…

Scythion Dec 03 2015 14:22

Cool! Now if i could just zap and create an instant temple and an ark for my hero……

Deathwishbighead Dec 03 2015 14:37

I’ll do that on bout 2 years

Qmd--quid Me Deus Dec 03 2015 15:01

I too am a Ratchet and Clank fan. Thank you Creators!

Goddy B 6 Dec 03 2015 15:32

Awesome, thanks for the update!

Stickyorder 6 Dec 03 2015 16:05

So pumped for this! Thank you!

Augnoramous 6 Dec 03 2015 16:38


GLaDOS 1 Dec 03 2015 17:11

First I need to get a temple, then an ark. But still. Yay!

ShadowMachine X 6 Dec 03 2015 17:24

Sounds like fun.

Hershey Almighty 6 Dec 03 2015 17:46

Awesome! Can’t wait to check it out! You devs, you guuuuys! :D

Holcobatch Dec 03 2015 18:11

I’m not even close to finishing my temple and the ark only exists in my dreams….but HOORAAAAY! Keep it up, Dev’s!

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