Quest for Booty

Godville, Dec 03 2015

This world didn’t have a lot of water. Just a lake here and a river there that a hero may note in diary. But then, the giant construction happened. Under all the pressure of temples and arks the flat world of Godville broke down and made a big puddle. Finally, the arks are afloat.

The heroes already spent some time near the water with their fishing rods and seem to be ready for more epic waterborne activities. The time has come to leave this sinful land and make some splashes on water. All heroes with completed arks are now ready to sail!

Open-sea navigation is not easy to explain in a few words, so here is a comprehensive manual. It’s highly recommended to read it before hitting the new Sail button in your Remote Control. Savvy?

Comments (34)
Kaimi 4 Dec 03 2015 20:41

Now I just need other ark owners to actually want to sail… Not enough of us yet…

NebulousOne 6 Dec 03 2015 20:48

Well this is what I have been wanting and waiting for since the beginning of ark building! Thanks Dev’s! Now I think the game is going to get interesting!

Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Dec 03 2015 21:34

Now for another year of two until we find out what the feminals and manimals do!

Tommackesy 5 Dec 03 2015 23:04

hurry up and finish my ark heathen!!

Taipan 4 Dec 04 2015 02:09

I think maybe increasing the turns to 200 would be a good idea.

Jordayne Dec 04 2015 03:29

Sounds really cool. Just one thing that bothers me: could the button say “set sail” instead of “send to sail”? it’s kinda awkwardly written that way.

Zesaver Dec 04 2015 08:41

Great update!

Thorbjoern 6 Dec 04 2015 16:51

This sounds awesome, and right now im trying it and it fells awesome as well :D

All Mighty Joyce 6 Dec 04 2015 21:55

1st try………pulled in by tug boat.

Bky 5 Dec 06 2015 00:11

I need a sail button. Wonder why I didn’t get one. Def well over 100% on ark.

LunarEklipse 4 Dec 07 2015 14:22

Everyone is off sailing on their arks, and I’m just sitting here waiting for the last 3.5% of my temple to finish…

All Mighty Joyce 6 Dec 08 2015 02:11

Who would have thought my hero was a natural sailor.

Altra dust Dec 15 2015 06:58

Nice update

Dannaterm Mar 03 2016 00:45

Sounds great, but voiceover users cannot access the sale button. Please make this work for voiceover users,

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