Jack of All Trades

Godville, Jun 01 2015

A new development in the Godville’s Economy. Just after few years of relentless savings a hero guided by Kingdada managed to collect the first ever retirement fund (which btw consists of thirty-freaking-million gold coins). You may be wondering what in Godville could cost that much and who can possible have this kind of money?

Traders, of course! These are the people managing millions day-in and day-out, profiting off the artifact circulation. They cheat and swindle our poor champions every day while calling it a “service” and being in that business sure costs money. So, what could be a better investment for a run-down hero than a long overdue right to rest and leisure.

By buying a trading shop and jumping into a merchant’s skin a hero gets a new way to lead his life. All his usual trade-pray-rest-sleep duties can now be done at one place – somewhere around a cash register. Other heroes will come to sell their stuff, some monster will drop by to buy it. Also, he finally can sell his knocked tooth to some other trader for profit! Sure he can get a tax audit once in while, but that won’t stop him from being happy, because now he has a trade level counter and he does’t even have to lift up his butt!

But what about the god? He can now send his hero to do the trade or throw him back into battlefields. Also, he gets some leverage over Godville goods markets, with the new ability to place orders on the wanted items in Godville Times. And since the god has this 2-in-1 kind of a trader-hero thing he can now have up to 200% godpower to rule them all.

Let’s congratulate Kingdada, shall we?

Comments (149)
TigerWarrior XD 4 Aug 21 2015 00:24

? Cool. Thank you.?

Darnarte Aug 22 2015 19:45

My hero spend to much time in taverns losing his money and drinking beer

Kbakonstrips Aug 24 2015 06:37

How can I make my hero a trader?

Apalapucia Aug 25 2015 05:34

Woohoo! Congrats!

Castie1 Sep 02 2015 07:33

So How Do I Make My Hero Be A Trader?

Ashura Maxus Sep 06 2015 16:57

How do you buy a shop?

Goddess iliana 4 Sep 06 2015 17:10

Wow! Cool! Hope one day I can do that too.

Superbong10 Sep 15 2015 18:46


Lord Doctor John Sep 26 2015 17:38

How do I join?

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