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Godville, Apr 07 2015

It’s a news day again, hooray!

The term of the first-elected guild leaders is nearing to an end, which means now is a good moment to lean back with a cup of something, retrospect and make minor adjustments. According to the Godville Stats Department more than 75% of guilds have elected a leader, which shows that election system works – mostly. To make things a bit better, the minimum election threshold will be lowered to 30% and the governing period will be increased to 4 months. A quick note here – both the guild totem and custom rank won’t disappear once unlocked, even if the guild fails to elect a new leader. However, a new leader will be able to change them.

The next news come from the Godville Times reporters permanently stationed underground:

  • A recently discovered dungeon of Pledge is known to nudge our boasting heroes to bet a log of wood at the entrance for finding the treasury. Thus, those who won’t find it or get knocked out in the process will lose a log of wood. Tale tallers are already anticipating a whole new wave of the AFK debate.
  • Another message reports of a dungeon of Savings, which has a nice perk in its treasury – a gold coins deposit box. This enables the heroes to safely and against their will transfer all their hard-earned gold coins into Savings.

A new breed of boss was noticed in the wild. Unlike the Deafening bosses, which outvoice divine commands with their roar, the new Overhearing species are quite intelligent to actually understand god voices and even react on them, occasionally.

A new artifact was spotted in the Godville’s markets. It’s said to make kind heroes kinder and evil heroes more evil much more quickly than the normal influences do, which should come in handy for reaching an extreme alignment. Though it’s very rare and uncraftable to heroes, it’s known to be of a good value among traders.

Meanwhile the newly-discovery aura of Curiosity is reported to temporarily boost the heroes’ IQ level, enabling them to activate artifacts all by themselves, without using the godpower (except of the arena ones, those are still too complex for heroic brains). This could be very handy or very ill-timed, but it will sure be fun. Hail ZPG!

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Lord of Swine Apr 07 2015 16:39

Agree with Kirin. On the pledge dungeon, redistribution of logs among those who make it alive would be great!. #AFK_killing might be a side effect, but it is NOT a new side effect, its happening right now..;)

FantomasLives 4 Apr 07 2015 16:45

Pledge dungeon increases the number of heroes in GV. Me and my alt are looking fwd the distribution of logs!!. Specially, among active heroes after the end of the run. :)

Azzageddi 6 Apr 07 2015 21:29

I really like the changes! No opinion on the dungeon ones yet, but the artifacts sound interesting, and the election changes are a good step. I’m glad my successor (who we already chose through a pre-election election that finished yesterday) will have four months before we have to go through it again.

Coffeion 4 Apr 07 2015 21:29

I can’t even get to the Savings dungeon…

Kaimi 4 Apr 07 2015 21:47

The end of my term as leader (unless I get reelected) is in 3 hours. How sad. I like the improvements though. New dungeons are always interesting as well as new monsters. I wonder what would happen if you lose a log in that dungeon after you have 100.0% and then it becomes 99.9%, would you lose your ark?

Kralthor 6 Apr 07 2015 22:46

With this new breed of boss, a suicide command should be offered for boss fights. The god in question would be betting that the boss would listen while the hero would not (which is quite a long shot…) but imagine how cool it would be when it worked!

TD23ASUS Apr 07 2015 22:54

Now all I need is an infinte juice box so I can sit back and enjoy the show.

Don the Great 4 Apr 08 2015 01:22

On the election committee comment in the guild counsel about open elections, the correct word is “REGISTRATION”. Not “registeration” as it currently is spelled.

Don the Great 4 Apr 08 2015 01:33

< election committee> “The Leader’s term has ended. Registeration for new elections is open the guild’s page.” Actually that whole thing is wrong. Didn’t the election proofread that before sending it?

Don the Great 4 Apr 08 2015 01:34

< election committee> “The Leader’s term has ended. Registeration for new elections is open the guild’s page.” Actually that whole thing is wrong. Didn’t the election committee proofread that before sending it?

Don the Great 4 Apr 08 2015 02:37

As i forgot a word in my post hence it posting twice i see how easy it is to overlook. i like the changes going forward. this was just a minor hiccup

Augnoramous 6 Apr 08 2015 06:41

Woot! Sounds good to me.

The Almighty Frans 6 Apr 08 2015 07:20

Wrt redistribution of logs in pledge. This could lead to hero fights in dungeon. E.g. consider a party with one weaker player who just templed. Even if he is active a stronger player could punish (or maybe trap-drive) the weaker player to death to get an extra log. While it adds a dimension I can imagine weaker active players would not like that)

CaptainSims Apr 09 2015 17:42

Maybe I’m a candidate for leader in my guild. NOPE

Tifo Apr 09 2015 19:16

come at “hypnotis” guild pls pls

El Esposo Apr 10 2015 18:13

Dont waste my time, do you forget that im God?

Zenethilin Apr 10 2015 18:58

11:36 AM Just saw a warrior, a white mage, a black mage and a thief walking down the road together. Typical…

Pavementman 6 Apr 12 2015 05:56

Pet knocked-out, dungeon of saving two times in row. And since I rarely find a time to actually try “driving” the dungeons, I “lost” my pet…48-levels and +19-months down the “drain”…

Brinjal 6 Apr 14 2015 11:27

Pavementman That sucks. Sorry to hear that. I was afraid of that happening with the savings dungeon.

Whet Dreams 5 Apr 16 2015 14:45

I’ve now lost 4 “Pledge” dungeons due to all AFK companions. Unsurprisingly, “Pledge” strikes me as a negative “improvement” — an opinion others have expressed.

“Pledge” is fine for group-descent teams — folks who arrange Sends with active friends — but it’s a recurring miserable experience for those of us that play solo: is that the direction this game should go?

One modification would considerably reduce the aggravation: qualify it so “the last hero standing doesn’t lose their wood”. That would sufficiently punish AFKs while sparing an active player. With that added, I wouldn’t even mind a two-wood “Pledge”!

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