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Godville, Apr 07 2015

It’s a news day again, hooray!

The term of the first-elected guild leaders is nearing to an end, which means now is a good moment to lean back with a cup of something, retrospect and make minor adjustments. According to the Godville Stats Department more than 75% of guilds have elected a leader, which shows that election system works – mostly. To make things a bit better, the minimum election threshold will be lowered to 30% and the governing period will be increased to 4 months. A quick note here – both the guild totem and custom rank won’t disappear once unlocked, even if the guild fails to elect a new leader. However, a new leader will be able to change them.

The next news come from the Godville Times reporters permanently stationed underground:

  • A recently discovered dungeon of Pledge is known to nudge our boasting heroes to bet a log of wood at the entrance for finding the treasury. Thus, those who won’t find it or get knocked out in the process will lose a log of wood. Tale tallers are already anticipating a whole new wave of the AFK debate.
  • Another message reports of a dungeon of Savings, which has a nice perk in its treasury – a gold coins deposit box. This enables the heroes to safely and against their will transfer all their hard-earned gold coins into Savings.

A new breed of boss was noticed in the wild. Unlike the Deafening bosses, which outvoice divine commands with their roar, the new Overhearing species are quite intelligent to actually understand god voices and even react on them, occasionally.

A new artifact was spotted in the Godville’s markets. It’s said to make kind heroes kinder and evil heroes more evil much more quickly than the normal influences do, which should come in handy for reaching an extreme alignment. Though it’s very rare and uncraftable to heroes, it’s known to be of a good value among traders.

Meanwhile the newly-discovery aura of Curiosity is reported to temporarily boost the heroes’ IQ level, enabling them to activate artifacts all by themselves, without using the godpower (except of the arena ones, those are still too complex for heroic brains). This could be very handy or very ill-timed, but it will sure be fun. Hail ZPG!

Comments (41)
Kingdada 6 Apr 07 2015 13:42

Thank you!!! the dungeon type will be helpful for my savings!!!

Great update!!!

Vaune Apr 07 2015 13:45

Thanks developers!

Randgris Apr 07 2015 13:48

Nice !! Keep up the good work !

Lisbon Apr 07 2015 13:48

New stuff! The game’s still growing, I’m glad. :)

Para Bolus Apr 07 2015 13:50

Have been playing with these in OGV – nice to see them here. Overhearing is evil! Waiting to see the cmplaints when the first Leeching + Overhearing + Faithless treasure boss appears.

Brinjal 6 Apr 07 2015 13:50

The guild leader changes sound good! And that artifact sounds great to me, as does the new boss variety. I can’t wait to see what happens if you tell it to pray! The aura sounds fun, but the savings dungeon might ruin pet revival attempts. Although the timer is long enough for multiple tries, so no big deal. Overall a good sounding update! Thanks, devs!

TommyGriffin Apr 07 2015 13:52


The Almighty Frans 6 Apr 07 2015 13:57

I wish that opposite to pledge we also had a dungeon of guarantee which will guaranteed give a log upon reaching the treasure (even if you already had two logs in the last 24 hours)

Brinjal 6 Apr 07 2015 13:58

The Almighty Frans To the “awesome ideas” ideabox section!

The m1ghty Apr 07 2015 14:02

Awesome update. I updated the GodWiki article about boss-monsters.

Belteshazzar 6 Apr 07 2015 14:05

It’s not mentioned in the news, but I appreciate the entry highlighting in the ER room for one’s own submissions.

Kyrin Apr 07 2015 14:34

The Almighty Frans actually to add to that, I think we have another dungeon that has the effects of pledge PLUS redistributing the extra logs of knocked out heroes to those that leave alive. It is after all bet that all ther heroes make. Redistribution should of course be random as per TGR regulations. :D

Kyrin Apr 07 2015 14:35

*should have another dungeon.

PS we should add an “edit comment” feature here hahah

God of Storms 4 Apr 07 2015 14:41

Wow upgrade!!!! Finally I won’t have to worry about afk’s in dungeons I might have to be careful with VC but everything looks great THANK YOU!!!!!

Miracelle Apr 07 2015 14:43

Woo curiosity aura, taking zpg to the next level. // Well I’m dreading the pledge dungeon really, since my luck tends to land me with 4 afk.

Menace Denis 5 Apr 07 2015 14:51

For those who think pledge dungeon will deter afk from entering will be surprised. AFK don’t really care whether they are going to get a log or lose a log. They don’t take this game seriously enough for them to matter that’s why they AFK. They will still keep sending regardless. The real loser here are actives who are stuck with AFK in a dungeon.

PutInNameHere 4 Apr 07 2015 14:56

The new dungeon types sound great! So do the other changes – I’m really looking forward to testing them out!

Taletallers are already anticipating a whole new wave of the AFK debate.

A virtual hug!

Whet Dreams 5 Apr 07 2015 14:56

Having had two Pledge dungeons – both with all AFK partners and fatally tough 3X bosses – I really appreciate that “improvement”. Sigh. Yet more pressure on us to make group Sends with known non-AFKs.

Otherwise, nice to see additions. [Be nice to see an “addition” that replaces “porthole” with “portal”. That’s an idiotic word-error that keeps popping up: you can walk thru a portal but not a porthole! :) ]

Bellatrixie The Strange 5 Apr 07 2015 15:45

Awesome changes, though I’m glad I only had a 3-month term as leader. Coming up with daily topics is HARD after the first month!

All Mighty Joyce 6 Apr 07 2015 15:56

I like the changes except for the log bet.

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