Picturizing Godville

Godville, Mar 19 2015

The winter is finally coming to an end. The most attentive of us have probably noticed the Shedding monsters roaming in the wild or some mangy fur coats in the pockets of our provident champions. Let’s also seize this opportunity and shed a few layers of the old content by doing our regular Spring Cleaning. If you believe that some of the game’s phrases are unfit, inappropriate or just boring make sure to post them in this forum topic.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of Spring renewal, the game got a big content update. There are literally hundreds of new monsters, artifacts, and diary phrases. Traders finally got fresh stock of new high-level equipment. Even the newspaper should look more fresh.

And finally, one breaking news. For the last few years the most often feature request was to add graphics to the game. So today, we’re happy to announce that from now on Godville has graphics! Well, not in the usual sense, but if you’re using the latest mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) you can now “Picturize” any game text into a nice looking picture and save it for your viewing pleasure in the future. Rejoice!

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Shah of Blah Mar 19 2015 10:34

I just wanted to first!!! Comment win

The God Of Monsters Mar 19 2015 10:34

Literally hundreds of new monster? EXCELLENT, new recruits!

Anubhav2 4 Mar 19 2015 10:37

^^ third?

Lisbon Mar 19 2015 10:40

More monsters! Bad for my hero, even more entertainment for me.

Fober Mar 19 2015 10:40

“Even the newspaper should look more fresh.”. What has changed in the newspaper?

TD23ASUS Mar 19 2015 10:41

Nice. Its a nice witty response to the constant complaining from some people. Pictures would be nice, but I’m ok with Google Images for now. And the newspapers are great but the template is the same everytime. It’d be nice to have at least one more template. Same content, different arrangement. But thanks so much guys!

Zairos Mar 19 2015 11:05

Are the new monsters, artificats, and dairy frases made by you or are they the winning ones from the ideabox

The m1ghty Mar 19 2015 11:17

Cool bonus. Also, happy for the new round of ideas.

Kingdada 6 Mar 19 2015 11:18

Finally!!! been having the same ol equipment for few months :d THANK YOU

Xzzwxs 6 Mar 19 2015 11:21

Does this also work with the 3D graphics? I hope so. Great job, devs.

Jimbob65 6 Mar 19 2015 12:14

Thank you very much for the massive update. I’ve been having fun with the “Picturize” feature, and especially look forward to reading the news from now on.

Artsonian 6 Mar 19 2015 12:44

I had seen it from iPhone friends, but this was my first time playing with it. It’s TOTALLY personalizable?!?!? Matching up the monster entry with corresponding pet/animal pictures from my photo gallery for the background??? Like I needed a reason to spend more time on Godville….. :-/
Thanks so much, devs — always coming up with something new. The only problem I have is explaining it to non-players without sounding nuts.

Yonyo Mar 19 2015 13:15

How do we do this?

Epona Dernhelm Mar 19 2015 13:32

When can we get it for Kindle Fire

Bellegere 5 Mar 19 2015 13:59

Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! :)

Gilrain Mar 19 2015 14:04


Whoa Fisher Mar 19 2015 14:14

Yay! No more taking screen shots and dropping like crazy!

Ivy Woods Mar 19 2015 16:34

All of this sounds great! However, one thing… How do we picturize the entries? I’ve been fooling around for a while and I’m still too stupid to figure out how to do it.

Jack Almighty God Mar 19 2015 18:15

Its cool but I dont see the point of it.

Lyme 4 Mar 19 2015 18:40

What would be better is if we could send those in the guild chat… wink, wink

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