Picturizing Godville

Godville, Mar 19 2015

The winter is finally coming to an end. The most attentive of us have probably noticed the Shedding monsters roaming in the wild or some mangy fur coats in the pockets of our provident champions. Let’s also seize this opportunity and shed a few layers of the old content by doing our regular Spring Cleaning. If you believe that some of the game’s phrases are unfit, inappropriate or just boring make sure to post them in this forum topic.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of Spring renewal, the game got a big content update. There are literally hundreds of new monsters, artifacts, and diary phrases. Traders finally got fresh stock of new high-level equipment. Even the newspaper should look more fresh.

And finally, one breaking news. For the last few years the most often feature request was to add graphics to the game. So today, we’re happy to announce that from now on Godville has graphics! Well, not in the usual sense, but if you’re using the latest mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) you can now “Picturize” any game text into a nice looking picture and save it for your viewing pleasure in the future. Rejoice!

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The Almighty Frans 6 Mar 19 2015 19:09

Not too happy with this upgrade ….

Today for the first time had a run with three 2-ability bosses and an unavoidable treasure boss.


Guess dungeon has been made harder.

Faufcb 6 Mar 19 2015 23:56

Thanks for the new content!

I think the Picturize feat is dispensable, though. No appeal, imo.

NebulousOne 6 Mar 20 2015 05:35

Any change is welcome but I think most of us wanted new missions and exciting adventures for the senior players after obtaining arks. We are looking forward to new directions in the game play. And a solution to the AFK’S that seem to be the majority of the players.

The Paradigm Master Mar 20 2015 07:19

I dont get this upgrade at all. Why would we want to save random messages from the game. I honestly just started playing this game and its really fun, but this isnt really an upgrade in my opinion.

Lovely1313 Mar 20 2015 16:34

I like the updates but id like a picture of my hero. It would be nice to see her and her choices. :)

Tiffanyftw Mar 20 2015 22:41

I’m up for it.

Sagon Mar 21 2015 17:44

Sounds like fun!

Ambivalence Mar 21 2015 21:03

Why on earth do you need access to my photos on my android phone? If it’s for the picturize feature, it’s not worth it. THIS IS A SECURITY HOLE

Tandem Mar 22 2015 04:19


FluxKnight Mar 26 2015 19:35

Like many things in this game, cool but pointless. Capital work devs!

Krystalline Mar 27 2015 13:08

Love the picturize option but I don’t get the whole message to picturize. It cuts off part of it

Grandour Mar 27 2015 16:41

I have done this for inspirational sayings that aren’t so inspirational. I’ll probably start posting them on Facebook.

AdamShi 6 Mar 27 2015 21:32

I’ve picturized every diary entry since this update went through and now my phone has run out of memory and crashed.

Please also provide free cloud storage for the photos.

High king of undies 4 Mar 29 2015 13:14

I really love this picturize option. who doesn’t want a fancy picture that says “look almighy no hands! the doctor is sewing them back on tho”. Btw thanks to the submitter of that idea, it makes me laugh everytime i see it again :)

GreatNate Apr 02 2015 15:33

Can’t wait to reach higher levels! Or rather, my heroine to.

Tifo Apr 09 2015 19:17

pls come at “hypnotis”

JaneDeaux Apr 11 2015 10:49


Mighty Morphin Apr 16 2015 04:17

Your birthmark is your lack of intelligence

Momolove Apr 30 2015 06:13


Momolove Apr 30 2015 06:14


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