First Ark

Godville, Apr 27 2014

Dear Godville Gods,

Let’s join our divine hands in Godville-wide congratulation of Kingdada for completing the First Ark! It’s time to reveal its perks. Firstly, an owner gets a shiny new medal. Secondly, heroes can now use the ark in accordance with its widely known application – store multiple pets. Following a god’s command a hero can place his current pet in the ark and head on for taming a new one. Thirdly, an ark-owning god is finally powerful enough to give a name to any pet of his hero. Other uses for arks are also likely when there will be quite a lot more of them. Btw, arked heroes will keep scavenging for gopher wood – who knows, it may come in handy for upgrades.

Speaking of pets, a bunch of new monsters have became tameable. Some of them even have an all new dungeon-ability and are fully capable of accompanying their masters in spelunking. For now these breeds are Grounded Hog, Inner Demon, Gummy Wyrm, and Vengeful Mole (feel free to suggest more in comments). Also, a report from the mad scientists claims that a fast healing of the pet (within 10 hours after the knock out) will boost up its development – the pet will gain a new level faster or even level up right on the spot. Btw, did you know that heroes with a pet medal change their pet’s personality three times more often?

The most groundbreaking update comes to dungeons. Recent developments unearthed half a dozen new types of dungeons, a new kind of harmless trap (that forces the team to skip a turn) and a mindbreaking “Hot and Cold” treasure clues. But here’s the real kicker – dungeon side quests! Sometimes heroes can get a minor side job like visit a certain room or avoid all bosses. These side quests are entirely optional (except for that one case when it’s not), but most of the time the reward should be totally worth it. Happy spelunking!

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Faufcb 6 Apr 27 2014 15:54

congrats Kingdada!!! And that’s an awesome feat. Thanks devs.

Beeer Apr 27 2014 16:59

Awesome job

Augnoramous 6 Apr 27 2014 19:12

Awesome! Love the new stuff.

Malory 4 Apr 27 2014 20:30

Congrats Kingdada! Now I know what to look forward to on completing my ark.

Budapesties 5 Apr 27 2014 20:54

Good job Dada! Enjoying the new dungeon types!

Xiphias 4 Apr 27 2014 21:06

Kudos to Kingdada!

BlueStapler 5 Apr 27 2014 21:22

Btw, did you know that heroes with a pet medal change their pet’s nickname three times more often?

What is a pet’s nickname? Do the developers mean “pet personality”? I’ve noticed that my pet has been changing personalities every level instead of once every three levels.

The 123 6 Apr 27 2014 21:34

Congrats Kingdada!

On a side note, I posted the details for one of the new quests in dungeons.

Dante Leonidas 6 Apr 27 2014 23:37

Congratulations @kingdada!

Mister Shine Apr 28 2014 07:53

Fought a boss alongside Kingdada when I was level 9 or so. Never suspected he’s one of the greats in this game. Gratz on the Ark!

Papadocapus Apr 28 2014 22:51

Strong work Dada!!

Duckideva Apr 29 2014 05:25

KingDada, Happy Shoelaces! Long shall your aglet wave!

BalorOfTheEvilEye Apr 29 2014 05:43

Possible monsters: Dungeonous Crab, Terra Bull, Horde of the Flies, Underground Hog/Hound, Tectonic Skate, and Shovelnose Dolphin.

BalorOfTheEvilEye Apr 29 2014 05:49

Forgot one Labyrinth Hind.

BalorOfTheEvilEye Apr 29 2014 05:53

… oh, oh, oh, and Subterranean Pomeranian. Alright I am done.

Hammrsgl May 07 2014 10:30

Awesome achievement and GRATS Kingdada – just wondering if it is now going to rain for forty days and forty nights….! Excellent features devs, this game just keeps getting better! Take care and good lucky and good fortunes to all you heroes and heroines!

CEELO May 11 2014 00:11


Fattx the Legend May 29 2014 22:40

The yappy teacup yorkie

Thiabella Aug 23 2014 17:01

How about "the dragoon

Jamosus Sep 17 2014 14:27

This game just keeps getting better.

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