Spring Refreshments

Godville, Mar 21 2014

Well, it took some time, but it’s finally here – new Godville app redesigned for iOS7. The app was “flattened out” to make it look better on the latest mobile OS from Apple and it has some new cool things too. On iPhones is has two secondary screens that can be revealed with handy swipe gestures: swipe left to reveal Friends/Guild Council and swipe right to bring up the Game’s Menu. Remote Control moved closer to the Diary, but here is the cool thing – most of the time you can avoid opening it, as now there is a brand new Mini-Remote! Press and hold the Remote button and then drag to send an influence of your choice. That’s how you show your divine reaction while still reading a diary.

Mobile web pages got their share of facelifting and some new perks too:

  • much easier voting – dupe/offensive options were moved under the long press gesture (or swipe left when on Windows Phone).
  • voting progress is now displayed on your personal ingenious pieces page while idea is still being voted.

Finally, a fresh batch of awesome phrases has arrived into the heroes’ diaries. In the mean time, the Spring Content Cleaning is underway. If you have that one phrase that you wish weren’t in the game, it’s a good moment to mention them in this forum topic.

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Lord Waffles Mar 21 2014 09:26

Beutifully done! Keep up the good work! :D

Brinx Forte 5 Mar 21 2014 09:28

Cool design. Thanks!

Sylana Mar 21 2014 09:37

Looks nice :) will it be coming to Android too? Would be awesome ! :)

P A I N Mar 21 2014 09:47

I had been eyeing the oriGv update with jealousy for a week or more:) Update is oh so nice! Thanks dev’s much appreciation!

Vincent boitano Mar 21 2014 10:20

Awesome O:-):-)

SCAl2FACE 4 Mar 21 2014 10:36

Cool but irrelevant. Iphones are becoming a thing of the past like flip phones. Lol. Androids should be updated first I would think.

Ambience Mar 21 2014 10:46

@SCAI2FACE Keep talking to yourself, it doesnt change the fact you’re wrong. So hf with your plastic phone, if it doesn’t fall apart until then :)

Boitano444 Mar 21 2014 10:56


Celthric Mar 21 2014 10:57

Would be great to see the android version updated as well (:

Jordayne Mar 21 2014 11:40

It’s a nice update but when are we going to be able to use the ER through the mobile view rather than having to use the much more awkward standard view?

Lady Ironparts Mar 21 2014 11:58

Yummy. Nicely done devs.

Jimbob64 6 Mar 21 2014 12:07

Even I noticed the web changes, and I like it. Very much looking forward to seeing these new diary phrases, and whatever else the Android crowd has for enjoyment. Seconded on Jordayne’s ER request, and I think that mini-Remote sounds like a neat idea.

Cleafus 6 Mar 21 2014 14:06

Looks great!

Boss Nephew Mar 21 2014 16:07

Is the Galaxy Note 3 next

Dratines Mar 21 2014 17:24

Please make an android version too!

Zoinksdude 4 Mar 21 2014 20:41

I know I don’t care about crapple, stick with the best, Android!

Dronak 6 Mar 22 2014 04:20

Nice, but like a number of others here, I’m on Android. So any news about an update for it, too?

Scooch Mar 22 2014 11:34

No Android? Serious fail, Godville…..

Cuthalion Mar 22 2014 15:03

iOS updates? Focus more on Android plz.. Not all of us are mindless drones.. :/

Joceej13 Mar 22 2014 22:56

Awesome update! :)

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