Spring Refreshments

Godville, Mar 21 2014

Well, it took some time, but it’s finally here – new Godville app redesigned for iOS7. The app was “flattened out” to make it look better on the latest mobile OS from Apple and it has some new cool things too. On iPhones is has two secondary screens that can be revealed with handy swipe gestures: swipe left to reveal Friends/Guild Council and swipe right to bring up the Game’s Menu. Remote Control moved closer to the Diary, but here is the cool thing – most of the time you can avoid opening it, as now there is a brand new Mini-Remote! Press and hold the Remote button and then drag to send an influence of your choice. That’s how you show your divine reaction while still reading a diary.

Mobile web pages got their share of facelifting and some new perks too:

  • much easier voting – dupe/offensive options were moved under the long press gesture (or swipe left when on Windows Phone).
  • voting progress is now displayed on your personal ingenious pieces page while idea is still being voted.

Finally, a fresh batch of awesome phrases has arrived into the heroes’ diaries. In the mean time, the Spring Content Cleaning is underway. If you have that one phrase that you wish weren’t in the game, it’s a good moment to mention them in this forum topic.

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Skatter Mar 23 2014 02:14

Like the new app! One critique, doesn’t look like the here’s inventory sorts by oldest to newest anymore. They kinda get shoved in there anywhere. Intentional or un?

Javierus 4 Mar 23 2014 09:54

I hope you can add lock screen notifications for WP too. I would use the app more often.

Artsonian 6 Mar 23 2014 19:35

For the Android folks getting cranky…. I’m fairly confident that an android update will be coming; they can only do one thing at a time. For the devs ….. thanks, as always, for the awesomeness.

Dio patre Mar 24 2014 15:22

Hello dear creators, when are we going to see a gift from you guys??…like last year when the whole community received 30 or 40 God power…

Goddygoddy 6 Mar 25 2014 03:22

Wow these Android wannabe’s are pathetic…maybe they should wait longer. Meanwhile, thanks for the interesting UI changes.

Viraira Mar 27 2014 14:24

I just want to say thanks for how much you’ve updated the windows version. Keep up the good work!

Jimbob64 6 Apr 01 2014 21:18

These seasonal and holiday events are pretty fun.

This post is from April Fool’s Day when the crossword is written in reverse, so if I mean it now you know I’m not simply trying to be polite.

I can’t really imagine what extra time must’ve been spent before each of these events to get ready for them, but to every one of the game developers who really, really do their best to keep this game interesting:

“Thank you. It’s working.”

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