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Godville, Feb 09 2014

New species has been discovered in the living world of Godville. Do you remember holiday monsters walking around with free accumulator charges? It turned out that they were only a first wave and there are other special beasts too: Wealthy (walk around with pockets full of gold coins), Bricked (like to carry bricks, sometimes even gold ones), Enlightened (restore some godpower when defeated), Glowing (can infect hero with an aura) and even more. Winning over the special monster usually gives some perks, meanwhile losing to it sometimes results in an equally unique penalty. So pay attention to the adjectives in the monsters’ names and don’t miss your lucky beast.

In the meantime, annoyed by the adventurers underground goblins finally had it enough and screwed up some of the treasury hints by making them double-sided. So don’t be surprised if you see a knotty arrow on the map and pay attention to the exploration log because one of the directions is still correct. Btw, there are two new dungeon types:

  1. Dungeon of Uncertainty – all hints to the treasury are double-minded.
  2. Dungeon of High Stakes – winners take extra gold from the treasury while knocked out get nothing.

There are also two new auras to help the heroes find peculiar monsters:

  1. Aura of Hunting – increases chances to dig up a boss or just stumble upon a boss while traveling.
  2. Aura of Baiting – helps find the newly discovered “special monsters” and the monsters wanted by the Godville Times.

Finally, an announcement from our players: Are you smiting for smooches? Hurting for hugs? Is your idea of a good Valentine’s Day telling your hero to beat someone up? Sign up to Tournament of Champions: Valentine’s Day Massacre! Sign ups are open until Midnight, CST February 10, 2014.

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The 123 6 Feb 09 2014 18:09

Dungeon of High Stakes! That’s what I’m talking about!

Curious to see how the new monsters work out, looks like another great update!

Brinjal 6 Feb 09 2014 18:12

I can’t wait to bash some “special” monsters! This sounds brilliant! Thank you Devs!

JHallTheVillain Feb 09 2014 18:12

Oooo yeaaaa

Kaam Dev Feb 09 2014 18:13

SPECIAL MONSTERS! With an actual incentive? Aura of baiting? Penalty for AFK in atleast some dungeons?

People chant with me:


Goddess Of Sin Feb 09 2014 18:36


Bellaouthena Feb 09 2014 18:46

Thank you, devs :)

Jimbob64 6 Feb 09 2014 18:53

I’ve said it before and I hope to say it again, many more times: This looks like fun. Thanks!

LHR Bad Karma Feb 09 2014 18:55

Thank you for the tournament announcement!

Domerthos Feb 09 2014 19:52

Woohoo! Want tp smite special monsters!!!

Thorbjoern 6 Feb 09 2014 19:53

This sounds great. I jaut wonder how often those monsters will appear?

Joceej13 Feb 09 2014 19:54

This is awesome!

Infinitecircle 6 Feb 09 2014 20:37

Awesome Ideas, this is certain to be fun.

Azzageddi 6 Feb 09 2014 20:40

This sounds like fun! Thank you!

Voynich 6 Feb 09 2014 20:46

So we’re gonna have Glowing Glowing Grues now?

T4RM4N 6 Feb 09 2014 21:09

Nice! Let’s see if I dig one up when low on health

Brinjal 6 Feb 09 2014 21:09

Met a special monster:

09:08 PM Right before leaving this world the Questing Disarmadillo said that it has to pass on its knowledge and told me how to unlearn what has been learnt faster.

Fred Flintstone Feb 09 2014 21:29

For once game news when I wasn’t thinking it had been too long since the last time. Great news.

Mister meow Feb 09 2014 21:43

Just fought a Broadbandit that popped up from nowhere. Yay for fresh content!!

Awesomecanuck Feb 10 2014 16:56

08:51 Right before passing away the Healing Moonswine reflexively restored my health.

Hairnut Feb 11 2014 02:21

Hmm, maybe the dungeon of High Stakes will decrease the amount of players who just go AFK. While having an extra meat shield can be beneficial, you can’t help but feel a little sorry for all those nasty accidents they AFK appear to have…Yes…even when not fighting a boss.

I remember this one run where the driver had found the treasure, but for some reason decided to go back and forth over traps. (I’m not that driver). Well the High Stakes should fix that (hopefully). Personally I’d rather 3 actives only than one active and 4 emotionless mutes.

So in short, less AFK…more fun.

Please note: I do not condone or endorse the unnecessary bludgeoning of AFK.

Love ALL the updates. :D Thank you devs. To the tavern for a celebration round on me.

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