Special Monsters

Godville, Feb 09 2014

New species has been discovered in the living world of Godville. Do you remember holiday monsters walking around with free accumulator charges? It turned out that they were only a first wave and there are other special beasts too: Wealthy (walk around with pockets full of gold coins), Bricked (like to carry bricks, sometimes even gold ones), Enlightened (restore some godpower when defeated), Glowing (can infect hero with an aura) and even more. Winning over the special monster usually gives some perks, meanwhile losing to it sometimes results in an equally unique penalty. So pay attention to the adjectives in the monsters’ names and don’t miss your lucky beast.

In the meantime, annoyed by the adventurers underground goblins finally had it enough and screwed up some of the treasury hints by making them double-sided. So don’t be surprised if you see a knotty arrow on the map and pay attention to the exploration log because one of the directions is still correct. Btw, there are two new dungeon types:

  1. Dungeon of Uncertainty – all hints to the treasury are double-minded.
  2. Dungeon of High Stakes – winners take extra gold from the treasury while knocked out get nothing.

There are also two new auras to help the heroes find peculiar monsters:

  1. Aura of Hunting – increases chances to dig up a boss or just stumble upon a boss while traveling.
  2. Aura of Baiting – helps find the newly discovered “special monsters” and the monsters wanted by the Godville Times.

Finally, an announcement from our players: Are you smiting for smooches? Hurting for hugs? Is your idea of a good Valentine’s Day telling your hero to beat someone up? Sign up to Tournament of Champions: Valentine’s Day Massacre! Sign ups are open until Midnight, CST February 10, 2014.

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Aabaan Feb 11 2014 12:27

Please add me @aabaan

Flexor Feb 12 2014 08:35

Newbie to Dungeons and Tourneys Questions: What in the heck is an “AFK” ?! And, how do you enter a dungeon ? Lastly, how do I get my own pic beside my messages, rather than the generic “G” ? Thanks to anyone who spends the time and effort to help a fellow Godvillian out, HarryMudd

Brekkana 4 Feb 13 2014 11:41

23:07: After such a glorious battle with the Multi-legged Luggage I could not bring myself to deliver the finishing blow. Instead, he will be my new companion. Come along, Cupil, let’s go questing!

Kaimi 4 Feb 17 2014 01:36

A result from a high stake dungeon where everyone but my hero and one person died: 08:32: Notes from the dungeon: The heroes plunder the treasure trove and divide the loot. Kani puts 15570 coins, a log for the ark, a social network adapter, a future antique, a body language translator, some fuzzy logic and some poetic justice in his pockets.

Kaimi 4 Feb 17 2014 01:52

Ended up with about 42730 coins after selling everything

EfiBRaps Feb 23 2014 16:07

I am lvl7 I don’t know a lot about monsters and gold or things like this, what have I got to do. If I win a monster like this I’ll get lots of gold? Like 50,000. I don’t know but if someone knows how to play this weird game can usually help me or be my friend and chat me. I read a guide which says I don’t have to play, that my hero will survive alone and just need a check-up once. We can be friends as I need help. PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE!

Kittyblossom Feb 24 2014 18:03

I really like the idea but I’m getting way too many monsters my hero died five times… Please fix this!

Boitano444 Feb 28 2014 16:06

Pretty awesome

Swini Mar 11 2014 08:51

Preety awesome

Swini Mar 11 2014 08:52

Oh my gosh . Its really awesome

Imaperson Apr 04 2014 21:15

I am SOOOO confused by this game! Where are the Dungeons? WHAT?

Killtac Apr 23 2014 01:05

just leave your character alone theyll fair well enough I literally play once ever six months

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