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Godville, Dec 23 2011

The holidays are coming, which means that it’s time to unwrap some presents!

The first one is Achievements! They were already available for some time to our iOS players, but starting today they will be everywhere – iOS, Android, on the Web and even on our Facebook app. Some of them were already awarded while others will be unlocked over time, so make sure to check out your hero’s personal page once in a while. Achievements vary in difficulty and rank so there’s going to be something interesting even for seasoned players.

Some tech news: recently, both our iOS and Android apps have been updated with lots of new goodness (Facebook friend invites, achievements, pull-to-refresh, swipes, etc). In the meantime, the superhero page now preserves the Remote Control state between page refreshes, which can be useful in duels.

Meanwhile, some new fancy stuff has been discovered by Godville’s scientists. New activatable artifacts can smelt golden bricks, kill monsters, friend other heroes and even accumulate charges. Even Godville invites can now be activated, so you won’t have to worry about heroes selling them. And the holiday spirit has lured hordes of Santa Claws and other fabled creatures to enrich the surroundings with their presents and gifts, so watch over your heroes, as they may find lots of interesting things!

Happy holidays!

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Alistin 5 Dec 23 2011 17:17

Nice, very nice! Thank You!

Illia Dec 23 2011 17:20

Ooh, yay, achievements! I love achievements! I’m going to have to convince my friends to start playing Godville now, just for achievements! :D

Omg I Am God 5 Dec 23 2011 17:21

Awesome guys! Thanks. Are achievements and rankings now in the FAQ?

Zoson Dec 23 2011 17:24

Do hero’s not sell activate-able items?

Menace Denis 5 Dec 23 2011 17:32

I am having some problems with earning achievements with the IOS game. I have a temple and has gotten the 1st rank achievements for pets (level 30) and temple completion temple. But I am unable to unlock 2nd rank achievements for pets (requires level 20) and temple (requires 300 bricks). Can you please look into this issue?

The ANT 6 Dec 23 2011 18:36

I am a little confused. where can I find the achievements? I woke up and checked up on my hero with the android app. it said “hey you have died more than 10 times” among others and that was new. Read the blog entry on the phone. Thought to myself that’s neat, lets see what the web page says. when I fired up my browser and looged into godville all I saw was a new bar at the top that said something about achievements and one clickable link that said dismiss. I clicked it and it went away, and now I can not find anyway to find ANYTHING about achievements through either interface (android app or hero page). The only reference I can find is the blog entry (and these comments)

The ANT 6 Dec 23 2011 18:44

small update, I see a new app for android is in the google market, but it will not let me download it yet. so modify me previous post/question to just the web-based hero page for now.

Nonnal Dec 23 2011 18:45

This is FANTASTIC. Can’t tell you all how excited I am for these updates. Many many thanks!

OhMG 6 Dec 23 2011 19:04

What a wonderful day-brightener when I opened my superhero page in my browser and saw all these achievements. (I’m still grinning)

So thanks, and I can’t wait to see what other treats are in store…

Delta493 6 Dec 23 2011 19:05

Cool. Where can I find a list of the requirements for each achievement?

ThunderMe Dec 23 2011 19:06

Yay! I don’t know how much better this little game can get so I’m looking forward to all the cool stuff! Thanks and I will continue to support.

Delta493 6 Dec 23 2011 19:15

Okay, so I’m starting a compilation of requirements in my chronicles since people need goals. If people could just post what their their rank and whatever the requirements are, I’ll add it to the list. Thanks so much in advance!! :)

Nonnal Dec 23 2011 19:22

The ANT—Check your hero’s profile page (click on the name of your hero from the superhero page). It’s just above your chronicles.

Delta493—Excellent idea. I was going to start a godwiki page to crowd-source all that data. Any objection to joining forces? Might save you some trouble in the long run…

Delta493 6 Dec 23 2011 19:26

Sure. Tell me when you’ve started the page and I’ll fill in anything I have that you haven’t already put in.

I think I’ll keep it in my chronicles too though, since not everyone goes to the wiki.

NJack Dec 23 2011 19:51

Nice Great job guys! :) now ive just got to find Santa rough him up a bit and steal me some prezzies

T4RM4N 6 Dec 23 2011 20:02


Here is what I have in Achievements so far:

Favorite, 2nd rank // Animalist, 3rd rank // Builder, 3rd rank // Champion, 3rd rank // Invincible, 3rd rank // Martyr, 3rd rank

Hope this helps ya

Delta493 6 Dec 23 2011 20:26
Thanks, T4RM4N, but I need the requirements too! So far I have found most of what I was missing. What I still need are the requirements to be come a…
  • …3rd rank “Saint”
  • …1st rank “Invincible”
  • …1st rank “Martyr”

Also, yes, I technically have the requirements for 3rd rank “Fiend” and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rank “Favorite” but I’m not sure I understand what they mean, so if anyone could explain that, I would be really grateful. :)

Nonnal Dec 23 2011 20:36

Thanks again all, especially Delta493. As discussed offline, I’ll work on the godwiki this evening after work and will post the link once available.

Happy achieving, all!

Delta493 6 Dec 23 2011 20:37

My apologies for putting a space in the middle of “become”!

She Who Meditates Dec 23 2011 20:51

Thanks Godville Devs! The new additions are fun and exciting, making an already enjoyable game even better!

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