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Godville, Dec 23 2011

The holidays are coming, which means that it’s time to unwrap some presents!

The first one is Achievements! They were already available for some time to our iOS players, but starting today they will be everywhere – iOS, Android, on the Web and even on our Facebook app. Some of them were already awarded while others will be unlocked over time, so make sure to check out your hero’s personal page once in a while. Achievements vary in difficulty and rank so there’s going to be something interesting even for seasoned players.

Some tech news: recently, both our iOS and Android apps have been updated with lots of new goodness (Facebook friend invites, achievements, pull-to-refresh, swipes, etc). In the meantime, the superhero page now preserves the Remote Control state between page refreshes, which can be useful in duels.

Meanwhile, some new fancy stuff has been discovered by Godville’s scientists. New activatable artifacts can smelt golden bricks, kill monsters, friend other heroes and even accumulate charges. Even Godville invites can now be activated, so you won’t have to worry about heroes selling them. And the holiday spirit has lured hordes of Santa Claws and other fabled creatures to enrich the surroundings with their presents and gifts, so watch over your heroes, as they may find lots of interesting things!

Happy holidays!

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Izanaki Dec 23 2011 20:58

Love the updates! Thank you! I can’t wait to get some of the new activatable items…

Now, how do I persuade my hero that he really wants to fight a bunch of a Santa Claws?

Nonnal Dec 23 2011 21:16

Belay my last. The great Spode started a page a few minutes ago. Here’s the link:

Spode Dec 23 2011 21:38

ive uploaded some of the icons for 2nd rank achievements because they are silver and nice. ive also descriptions of ones i dont have so i dont know how many points theyre worth. any help?

Delta493 6 Dec 23 2011 21:44

What are the points all about?

Sarika Nepartak Dec 23 2011 21:52

I have the game running on a droid phone, an ipad, and a browser, and the only place I’ve seen the icons or the points is Spode’s wiki entry. Where is that information coming from?

Delta493 6 Dec 23 2011 22:17

I’m on the same page.

Also, for some of the achievements, (like unlocking all the games hints) what happens if for whatever reason, you should have been able to complete it in the past, but you didn’t. For example, I already had a full suit of armor, so I can’t get the “Dressed to Kill” achievement. I don’t know about anyone else, but that doesn’t strike me as fair.

Delta493 6 Dec 23 2011 22:21

As Nonnal just noted offline, the points and the three achievements Spode listed under the heading “Generic” may be for only certain types of users.

Delta493 6 Dec 23 2011 22:32

One more clarification: when you do challenge battles, do they have to be with different friends, or can you just have that many battles?

TheElectricMayhem 4 Dec 24 2011 07:38

I have to say I love this latest stuff. Just when things are starting to get a little stale, then this comes along. Thanks!!

AdamShi 6 Dec 24 2011 12:58

I fought a Satan Claus yesterday (had to heal in the middle of the 20 min fight) and got a priceless artifact that my hero sold for 8723 gold. Not bad

Nonnal Dec 24 2011 13:19

In addition to the achievements, the other big change of course was the addition of new activatable artifacts. I have added what we know as of now to the Activatable Artifacts godwiki page; please feel free to add to it as you come across stuff yourself. Many thanks to Epoch for gathering much of this data. The long term goal of course will be to give each item its own page, but while this is all new I think it’s best to consolidate on a single page for the time being.

Spode Dec 24 2011 18:16

nonnal, lists of artifacts should remain in the backstage category. ill move them to the list.

Osteophagas Dec 26 2011 16:42

Thank you for unlocking thi for the rest of us. More is always better unless its more zombies but my guild can take care of that for ya.

Shardae Jan 04 2012 22:14

Thank you. These all sounds like really great changes! Cant wait to see what i find.

Hecatoncheir Mar 29 2012 16:30

More is always better :)

Puppet Master Beavis Apr 12 2012 19:16

I think you should be able to get a pet at any level if you pure good or pure evil not just at level 18

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