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Godville, Apr 27 2022

Good news, dear gods and goddesses! Two whole pieces of news.

New Towns
Remember the last April 1 frenzy with towns spangled map? And the voting that followed shortly after? We’re glad to announce that some of the most liked towns are here to stay on a permanent basis. Find them on the map: New Ork, Unpleasantville, Witt’s End and Underwhere.

Interestingly, these towns have a new feature: upon entering such a town the hero will often get a welcome gift. Tourism promotion is intense these days.

If you ever tried visiting your hero using a phone’s web browser at you probably weren’t too happy with how it all looked, because it was made for PCs.

Well, not anymore. From now on the web version of the game looks good on phones too. It looks similar to our Android and iOS apps and supports almost all the features of the game – duels and other adventures, messages, notifications, color themes, etc. It should be useful if you can’t use the app or just want to have something else as a backup.

You can always switch back the desktop version from the Menu tab (and forth using the link underneath the diary).

One more change that affects the desktop browser version of the game as well: from now on craftable items are marked with a blue dot; tapping on the item’s name brings up a crafting popup.

Comments (54)
Vintz Clortho 6 Apr 27 2022 11:34

Thanks for the great work! Btw Underwhere was my favourite

Beausoleil 4 Apr 27 2022 11:40

Excellent. Thank you for all of your work on the game.

Hyt4yhu 6 Apr 27 2022 11:48

Thanks ❤️

Torenia Apr 27 2022 11:50


Pazriel Apr 27 2022 11:56

Very cool, thanks!

XoT3K 6 Apr 27 2022 12:26

Woot woot!

Hairplug4men 6 Apr 27 2022 12:36

Can’t wait for my hero to get kicked out of all the new town’s taverns!

Cinisi 6 Apr 27 2022 12:37

Thanks for keeping the updates coming!

Jimbob64 6 Apr 27 2022 12:41

The web version revamp is a very nice surprise – found out this morning when checking in on my other heroine, and it seems like it’ll work quite well. Thanks!

And hooray for the new towns- these names are fun.

Ermagerd Apr 27 2022 12:44

As the Greatest God of all the Multiverse, I give my Supreme Blessing to these wondrous changes to the laws of physics and to the fabric of reality. Unfortunately, their late conception demands savage penance.

Mannivu 4 Apr 27 2022 12:49

Wo-hoo, new towns to explore!

Recliner 4 Apr 27 2022 12:58

Thank you so much for another great idea!

Wanamingo Apr 27 2022 13:01

Hey, cool!

Solenopsis 4 Apr 27 2022 13:12

Thank you for always making the game interesting! You never fail to amazed with your every update 🥰

Sophie The Woo 4 Apr 27 2022 13:17

Thanks for the updates and my favorite game! 🌻🌻🌻

Thirteenth Flower 4 Apr 27 2022 13:30

Woooooooooo 💐

Efficacia Apr 27 2022 13:30

Thanks, GV team! 🎉

Lee Yubin Apr 27 2022 13:53

Stan Dreamcatcher

Auwall Apr 27 2022 14:37

Thanks developers!

Hankvi Guidza 4 Apr 27 2022 14:46


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