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Godville, Apr 27 2022

Good news, dear gods and goddesses! Two whole pieces of news.

New Towns
Remember the last April 1 frenzy with towns spangled map? And the voting that followed shortly after? We’re glad to announce that some of the most liked towns are here to stay on a permanent basis. Find them on the map: New Ork, Unpleasantville, Witt’s End and Underwhere.

Interestingly, these towns have a new feature: upon entering such a town the hero will often get a welcome gift. Tourism promotion is intense these days.

If you ever tried visiting your hero using a phone’s web browser at you probably weren’t too happy with how it all looked, because it was made for PCs.

Well, not anymore. From now on the web version of the game looks good on phones too. It looks similar to our Android and iOS apps and supports almost all the features of the game – duels and other adventures, messages, notifications, color themes, etc. It should be useful if you can’t use the app or just want to have something else as a backup.

You can always switch back the desktop version from the Menu tab (and forth using the link underneath the diary).

One more change that affects the desktop browser version of the game as well: from now on craftable items are marked with a blue dot; tapping on the item’s name brings up a crafting popup.

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NebulousOne 6 Apr 27 2022 15:09

Okay, that’s nice! 🙂 Ahh, thanks!

Anubits Apr 27 2022 15:38

Greetings and thank you!

Cileztrion Apr 27 2022 15:56

Ow nice news

Cileztrion Apr 27 2022 16:18


Cham Almighty 6 Apr 27 2022 16:24


Mephistopheless Apr 27 2022 16:33

yea niceeeeee

High king of undies 4 Apr 27 2022 17:03

Ah Underwhere the best of all towns huehue. Great update. Looking forward to visiting these towns!

Orgm 4 Apr 27 2022 19:01

In the new towns:

Miracles go brrrrrrr

Senpaier Apr 27 2022 19:33

Poggy Woggy

Meng Yake 4 Apr 27 2022 19:52


Eralsk Apr 28 2022 04:40

Thank you’s!!!!

The Mighty Stang 4 Apr 28 2022 05:21

All Abooooaaaarrrrrd for Unpleasantville!

Larry the Dude Apr 28 2022 05:28

Can someone still add ponyville? I was hoping, forgot to vote, also I want the blue dots, so much, glad they’re their for some goddesses and gods. NEW NEWS IS FUN.

Kymani Apr 28 2022 07:21

Im new here……. but i like this already

Wawajabba 4 Apr 28 2022 10:12

Haha, underwhere.

All Mighty Joyce 6 Apr 28 2022 10:56

Well done devs, always keeping it fresh and new.

Dymphnation 4 Apr 28 2022 11:58

Awww, whither Madchester? 😔

Turrin Toorinbarr 4 Apr 28 2022 17:04

Thank you devs for working so hard to keep us gods n goddesses happy. You are like gods and goddesses unto us gods and goddesses. WOW omnipotence is confusing! GOD SQUAD FOREVER!!!!

Yutopianist Apr 29 2022 03:35

Based developers? Thank you for the new updates!

Cas Jonah Apr 29 2022 07:57

Thank you

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