Godville, Feb 27 2021

Greetings, dear deities! It’s news time again.

Befriending Monsters
Remember an invite to Godville — an activatable item that helps gods friend each other? Apparently, some of us sure did, as it turned out that many deities have lots of invites laying around. Here is a new way to put them into use… on monsters!

With a tap of a finger, you can temporarily befriend the monster your hero is currently fighting. A bewildered beast will stop fighting at once, surrender all its belongings and retreat peacefully. All future encounters with this monster will be bloodless and lootless, at least while the magic lasts, which should be around a day or so.

A few things to note:

  • The hero should be at least level 12.
  • Special monsters (Questing, Wealthy, Healing, etc) are technically not de-feeted, so they won’t cast their usual upon-defeat curses or boons.
  • Wanted monsters, however, will still give the proof of their ‘death’, which makes them an easy target for these one-day friendships.
  • If suddenly you find yourself in need of invites, a handy push notification option in the app’s Settings, conveniently added years ago, is still at your service.

Tamable Mark
As the roster of Godville monsters grew over time, it became a bit difficult to guess who could be tamed or not, and when. From now on, if a hero is actively looking for a pet or has a free space in his ark, all pet-wannabes appropriate for his heroic level will have distinctive bone mark in their name.

Keep in mind though, that “To tame or not to tame?” is still a hero’s question, not god’s. But even if your hero chooses not to, now he will mention that in the diary.

New Coupons
Staff at our daily newspaper is eager to spice things up with a couple new coupon options. The first one will add a new POI on the map, and POIs are good for many things. The second one will let your hero get an unplanned side job upon cashing it in.

As usual, don’t forget to update your Godville app (Android, iOS) to enjoy the latest goodies.

Comments (43)
Hyt4yhu 6 Feb 27 2021 10:04


Dragon god Bahamud 4 Feb 27 2021 10:12

Sounds nice – but how do I befriend the monster? Which button?

Evil Frans 6 Feb 27 2021 10:18

Nice, Thank you God of Gods :-)

In the web UI the befriend button is in the Invites box.

Dragon god Bahamud 4 Feb 27 2021 10:26

Figured it out – but when I press the button, it sais befriend for 1$s – that must be a bug

Michio 6 Feb 27 2021 10:28

Dragon god Bahamud – Probably activating the invite to Godville

TaiJuan 6 Feb 27 2021 10:34

Thanks, Devs.

Godonetwothree 4 Feb 27 2021 11:06

Always good to get news! Really curious to see it working. Thank you, %rg%! 👊👍👏

Orgm 4 Feb 27 2021 11:07

Another amazing content! Thanks! 🙂

Hairplug4men 7 Feb 27 2021 12:12

Looking forward to the new coupons! Thank you developers for all the additions over the years

Lastsight Feb 27 2021 12:24

Awesome update as always. Looking forward to using so invites… thanks for everything you do.

Ppoiuyt Feb 27 2021 12:28

finally you can get the monster to work, it’s a pity that just one day is of no use
should be tested first)

Jimbob64 6 Feb 27 2021 12:42

This looks brilliant, thanks!
And it’s something to do with all those invites I forget to use normally.

Recliner 4 Feb 27 2021 12:48

I love all the coupons. They’re great! Can’t wait to try out the monster-friending thing. Thanks, guys!

Hankvi Guidza 6 Feb 27 2021 13:52

Seeing the invites being in demand, it would be interesting to see how it plays out.

Thanks for the ear;y spring refreshments!

Jannnie Feb 27 2021 14:41

Finally time to make some monster frenemies💀💀

Sophie The Woo 4 Feb 27 2021 15:23

Swear updates thanks mods!

Owen263263 Feb 27 2021 15:25

Sounds pretty cool, thanks for the update!

All Mighty Joyce 6 Feb 27 2021 15:34

Simply priceless, this is the longest I’ve ever played any game. Thank you.

Livanna Feb 27 2021 15:41

Omg I’m so happy I woke up to this! Thank you devs!

Baradimo 5 Feb 27 2021 16:19


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