Summer Package

Godville, Jun 01 2020

Hello, gods and goddesses! Just a few weeks ago we celebrated Godville’s anniversary. Now it’s time to move on — with new goodies and stuff.

  1. Remember the strong monsters? The ones noted with a meeting phrase in the diary. From now on it will be easier to spot them by the bold name right in the Earthly News. (Make sure to use the latest version of the app from the store.)
  2. New achievement for the Book writers is here — just wait for the next glyph to see it.
  3. New side job. This time it involves the favorite thing of every hero — squandering money on town parties.
  4. New sea type — without ubiquitous crates, but with an extra booty on a map.
  5. New dungeon type — every room will generate a small amount of godpower.
  6. Arena/Dungeons/Sails speed up — each step will be a tiny bit faster (around 10-20%).
  7. Sparring fights from now on will equalize the opponents’ health (just like in Arena duels).
  8. Dungeon chronicles now reveal the map step by step, just like in the original expedition. (Only for the new chronicles.)
Comments (37)
Keleios 6 Jun 01 2020 12:23

Thank you GV, love how the updates keep coming

Lord Tempus Jun 01 2020 12:27

I love the new green color theme 😊

TaiJuan 6 Jun 01 2020 12:31

I’ve wanted #8 for a long time. Thanks!!

WardPhoenix 5 Jun 01 2020 12:31

And I was just asking myself why the strong monster name was suddenly bolded in the earthly news… Good work devs !

Jimbob64 6 Jun 01 2020 13:16

Thanks for the new stuff and tune-ups to existing things. All these years of quality-of-life updates, and every single one has been an improvement.

Hairplug4men 6 Jun 01 2020 13:43

Godville knows I love a new achievement! Thank you developers, for the great attention to the players. You guys rock keep up the good work.

Angry Harambe 4 Jun 01 2020 14:03

Great update, thanks dev

Bluue 4 Jun 01 2020 14:10

You guys rock! Keep up the good work!

Lord77 6 Jun 01 2020 14:32

I love the new side job. Finally, something good out of my doofus’ most learned activity.

Had there been a Pantheon of Waste, he would easily be atop it. :)

Good update. Keep up the great work!

Huang Ailin Jun 01 2020 14:52

Neat! Thanks for the update and keep up the great work devs~

Spirit Of Knowing 6 Jun 01 2020 14:53

Thanks! Speed up – that’s what I’ve been waiting for

Ab-Ashanti 4 Jun 01 2020 15:03

Another update! You guys are on fire … you know, in the good way 🙄
Than for the hard work that keeps this place, Amazing!

Bbekaah 4 Jun 01 2020 15:11

Oh my lordy! You have now was going that way.. When a coursers can be in it… Maybe a shanty? Rain go plotney not today, that’s a thing!!
Heavy like going on their bit but not carrying it all at once lol. Thanks Godville…

Spirit of Tzahal Jun 01 2020 15:17

Excellent stuff! Thank you, administrators.

Glorious Deity 4 Jun 01 2020 15:51

Love it! Thank you!

Augnoramous 6 Jun 01 2020 16:49

Speeding up is particularly appreciated!

Hankvi Guidza 4 Jun 01 2020 17:12

Exciting summertime with these exciting news! Thanks so much!

Recliner 4 Jun 01 2020 18:08

Thank you guys so much! Love the new stuff. You’re putting the “awe” in awesome.

Blue Cat 6 Jun 01 2020 18:50

Thank you for the news. Live long and prosper, dear Godville.

Pedro Piedras Jun 01 2020 18:55


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