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Godville, Oct 29 2019

Halloween Event
Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to get the annual amount of spooky stuff. Old-timers already know the usual set of holiday goodies – angry tribbles here and there, valuable pumpkinezed artifacts, hordes of undead monsters and other eeriness.

There is new stuff too. Remember old-fashioned golden halloween pumpkins, usually gained in battles? Forget them. Glowing pumpkins are the new rage. They also don’t require godpower to activate, but unlike older breed, the improved one can occasionally produce even more valuable things.

This year the special event will last for three days instead of one – plenty of time to enjoy the eeriness and smash some festive pumpkins.

New Aura
Recent September Gathering fest has caused careless mushroom consumption with surprising consequence – an aura of savings. A hero under effect of this aura gives up town partying and prefers to put gold into savings instead, just like similar newspaper forecast. Heroes without temples and trader-heroes seems to be immune to this aura.

New Side Jobs
New side activities are here to entertain our bored by repetitive quests heroes. First one is related to finishing regular quests. Second one is about consumption of potions. Third one is a weird one – it’s about breeding tribbles. By the way, a hero who finish and turn in a side job fast (with more than 24 hours left) will get the maximum possible reward instead of the usual random one.

Comments (32)
The Prophecy Toaster Oct 29 2019 23:11


Wizardx0 Oct 29 2019 23:15

Damn, I want a ghost pet.

Taysikuu 4 Oct 29 2019 23:24

Smashing Festive Pumpkins was one of the underrated 90s bands.

Taysikuu 4 Oct 30 2019 01:42

09:42 The glowing pumpkin suddenly turned into a golden brick. That was unexpected.

Orgm 4 Oct 30 2019 01:57

When is the event start? And will android players get the new artifacts as well? It says that there is a new update, but these isnt any in the app store, or is it hust content upgrade?

Augnoramous 6 Oct 30 2019 05:21


Hell Lord 77 Oct 30 2019 06:49

Halloween 👻

Soraky 5 Oct 30 2019 07:24

“Remember old-fashioned golden halloween pumpkins, usually gained in battles? Forget them.”

All Mighty Joyce 6 Oct 30 2019 08:47

Thanks guys, you rock!

Aljian Oct 31 2019 08:50

This aura should help really well. Thanks.

Aieie 4 Nov 01 2019 16:42

I want skeleton pet

Herculesssss Apr 18 2020 16:32

Is death itself gonna be A monster

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