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Godville, Sep 05 2019

Mushroom Season
The beginning of autumn is great time for mushroom picking. For the whole month of September the heroes will be bumping into mushrooms and collecting them. They will not dare to eat unfamiliar things, but the god surely can force it – with the consequences like free aura and stuff.

Poetic Godvoices
Godvoice is the main communication channel with your champion and neighboring gods. Also, do you remember that voices well-liked by community bring some godpower boost?
From now on you can shout in style: introducing poetic verses! Just use a slash character (/ or \) to delimit lines. So a godvoice like this:

  • Any godvoice / Could lead to an action / Poetic one though / Brings more satisfaction

will be written in diaries like so:

  • Any godvoice
  • Сould lead to an action
  • Poetic one though
  • Brings more satisfaction

Keep in mind that shout-verses could have up to 4 lines. If you find others’ godvoices irritating, you can always disable them in the app’s settings.

Neat Refinements

  1. Answer spar request directly from the push notification (via Android app now too).
  2. Turn slider in the duel chronicles now shows the turn number while sliding.
  3. Chronicle links can now refer to a specific moment in fight – just set the slider to the desired turn and then share it like usual.
  4. If you play in a web browser, you can now spot the moment of turn change if Godville browser tab is not active (it should be useful for those of us who sometimes become AFK involuntary, due to the heavy multitasking).
Comments (30)
Cham Almighty 6 Sep 05 2019 08:50

Wonderful changes!
Looking forward to making
Outrageous haiku!

Koishiwastaken Sep 05 2019 08:51

Poetry using bullet points?

Solenopsis 5 Sep 05 2019 09:00


Somnolentus Sep 05 2019 09:25

My hero just ate 8-bit mushroom then he got high.
10/10 would force him to eat it again.

Cinisi 6 Sep 05 2019 09:47

Cool 😊

Jimbob64 6 Sep 05 2019 11:08

Thanks again for
The latest updates and perks,
Godville devs- a haiku.

Nooooo Good GOOODD 5 Sep 05 2019 11:33

Another good news & updates. As always.

Good job, Devs.

Thank’s to your hard work.

Gehkad0 4 Sep 05 2019 12:05

long verses waited / fatigue waited ☺📝

S624 6 Sep 05 2019 12:09

The god voice update I didn’t know I’d been waiting for. Many thanks.

Wadeston 4 Sep 05 2019 13:35

I am loving the mushrooms! I hope they’re more stuff like those in the future!

Sniper404 6 Sep 05 2019 14:20

nice update. thanks devs 👍

Tomobi 5 Sep 05 2019 15:28

Thanks, Devs!

Divine Porcupine 5 Sep 05 2019 15:32

Okay, this is epic. 🤑😎😎😎😭🙏

Augnoramous 6 Sep 05 2019 16:45

Yay! :)

Elantien Sep 05 2019 16:52

Thanks a very god job !!!!

S624 6 Sep 05 2019 18:04

Thanks again to the devs, this time for the quick turn around on grammar corrections for the new phrases.

Divinicus Mortalus 4 Sep 05 2019 20:00

Thank you!

Cassia Rainsonne 5 Sep 05 2019 20:40

This will be cool to play around with— thanks!

Poetica 4 Sep 05 2019 21:48

Wow. As Poetica, the official patron goddess of poetry, this brings me great joy! Thanks devs!

Hell Lord 77 Sep 06 2019 04:02

an update of godville is always a pleasant news

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