Summer Happenings

Godville, Jul 19 2019

Dear %godname%, how are you doing? Are you ready for some summer news?

GodWiki Event
There is a community event centered around topic of summer – organized by players for players to encourage and celebrate creativity on the GodWiki. Check it out and participate if you feel inspired.

Guild Quests
Remember mini-quests? These are short tasks that hero takes upon occasionally and usually completes in about an hour. But who gives these quests and why can’t guilds send their members on small errands too? So here it is – a new kind of mini-quest for guilds.

Once a guild gains some initial presence in a town (at least 1% of town influence), any of its members could occasionally get a special guild quest to do something for the town and improve guild fame among locals even further. These quests can be easily spotted by the “(guild)” suffix in the quest name.

Completing a such quest will increase the guild’s fame in the town while the hero will get his mini-quest reward. Same task – double profit.

Gaining 1% of town influence is easy – about half a dozen miracles in total (from all guild members should be enough. Keep in mind that guild quests can’t be taken in the capital. If, for some reason, you don’t want your hero to glorify his guild, feel free to cancel such a quest with a godvoice.

Content Update
Long-awaited news on the Ideabox front. We finally managed to sort through few stacks of Ideabox submissions. As a result, hundreds of new phrases, monsters and quests have been added to the game. Thank you all for your submissions, ER improvements and feedback!

Comments (37)
Augusto-moreiro87 Jul 19 2019 10:48

Nice news, thanks dear GODVILLE DEVELOPERS and ADMINS!

Jimbob64 6 Jul 19 2019 10:56

First thing in the morning, I wake up to this. Thanks for the guild quests and continued building of the game! I say this every time, but really, thank you.

Frapparition Jul 19 2019 11:12

Six miracles is 300% GP- that’s 4 accumulators if you’re already at 100%. Are the rewards the same as a mini-quest?

MediaIcon Jul 19 2019 11:12

Guild quests for the win. Nice job, and keep up the great work.

Hairplug4men 7 Jul 19 2019 11:12

always making awesome things happen in godville! Thank you developers and looking forward to when you bring boss coins here :-)

Goddy B 6 Jul 19 2019 11:30

Guild quests sound awesome, thanks :)

Holy Hazel Jul 19 2019 11:33

Thanks for the summer fun, devs!

Thorbjoern 6 Jul 19 2019 12:00

👏 👏 Summer News!

I am kinda excited for guild quests. That should be a fun new topic in the chat.

Cinisi 6 Jul 19 2019 12:14

Thanks guys. Great to see this beauty of a game still regularly receiving updates!

NebulousOne 6 Jul 19 2019 12:18

Thanks for your participation in keeping Godville interesting and fun to play.

Spirit of Tzahal Jul 19 2019 13:34

Thank you for the update, and especially for the idea box pass!

Beausoleil 4 Jul 19 2019 13:51

Always great to see new ways to make the game fun and interesting.

Recliner 4 Jul 19 2019 13:59

Thanks for the update. I like the idea for guild quests!

WardPhoenix 5 Jul 19 2019 16:35

Thanks for highlighting SummerWiki 2019. Hope it will bring some fresh writers!

Alexcraft Jul 19 2019 17:14

Cool and good

Cham Almighty 6 Jul 19 2019 18:18

Fantastic news, thank you!

Strong Soul Jul 19 2019 18:31

Too late on the idea box… six mounths is too long of a wait.

Also I can’t help but judge the reasons why so many good ideas get turned down even when it would be best to have as much variety as possible. Like why does my hero’s diary repeat when so many new ideas get plugged in every day. Because none of those ideas make it through… even some of the really really good ones. The idea boxers get no respect! Long waits just to see a good idea thrown away like trash. Like they have no value? Nope, I’m good thanks.

Anyway. 😅 The guild quests sound cool!

Rayxer Jul 19 2019 18:48


Andrele 4 Jul 19 2019 19:57

Woohoo good news! Thanks for the awesome update.

GrimDemise Jul 19 2019 22:11

A month away from my 2nd year here much love from over tour and travel.

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