(Mini)-Questing for Life

Godville, Nov 11 2014

You did enjoy the Halloween pumpkins, right? We sure did. Here is a quick heads up on what else is happening in the world of Godville.

Since the heroes spend most of their time questing it would be useful to upgrade this part of their life. A fresh content update has added a few hundred of new quests (including epics) awaiting to be completed.

There are also new types of mini-quests, which are just like the old ones, but better, more varied, and with more exciting rewards – a golden brick, godpower restore, faster quest progress, random aura, etc. Sudden boss encounters while traveling are gone now, but a hero can still meet a boss when on a mini-quest and when that happens he will be smart enough to use a potion if needed. It’s good to remember that a simple godvoice or two can cancel any current quest if a god wishes so.

Btw, did you know that quests can have endings? Some of them already have them, but some still don’t. From now on the endings will be visible in the Third Eye, so if you see a quest and you have an idea for a great punch line appropriate for the diary line, you can submit your gem here and get IQ points if it’s accepted.

Another change that should come in handy, especially for those of you ever-present, multi-gadget gods – message status sync. E.g. if you read a new friend message on your phone, it won’t show up as unread on your tablet or in a web browser. It’s a bit experimental though and it only applies to the newly received messages (so if the old unread messages are bothering you’d need to logout and login back again if you’re on mobile or reset the page’s setting if playing in a web browser). This feature should already work in a web browser, while mobile apps will require an update (updates for Android and Windows Phone are already available and corresponding iOS update is pending Apple’s review). Bug reports with the detailed description of how it happened are welcome via Ideabox.

Oh, and just in case if you didn’t know, Godville iOS app has been recently updated with a whole bunch of goodies: brand new Today Screen widget, Phone 6/6+ support and Touch ID login. Make to sure to stay up to date to get enjoy the awesomeness.

Happy questing, everyone!

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Kingdada 6 Nov 11 2014 12:37

hooo hoo!!! another update

by the way typo mistake on the blog post!

From now on the endgins will be visible in the Third Eye

it should be endings :D

Brinjal 6 Nov 11 2014 12:38

All these updates sound great! I always hated the random boss encounters, simply for the reason there was no warning. Now that they’re only if you dig or mini-quest, you always know when one is coming!

God of Storms 4 Nov 11 2014 12:40


Tri-Force 4 Nov 11 2014 13:01

I was_just_ thinking about specific ending phrases for quests. Nice that they’re here.

Botanical Nov 11 2014 13:06

Will Android also get a widget? Sounds cool!

Tasslehoff Nov 11 2014 13:12

Woot woot!

PutInNameHere 4 Nov 11 2014 13:16

Sounds good! I like the idea with the quest endings and the new miniquests sound great, too! :)

Bellaouthena Nov 11 2014 13:36

“if you read a new friend message on your phone, it won’t show up as unread on your tablet or in a web browser” – thank you so much! That drives me crazy, but never seemed worth complaining about. Thanks so much for continuing to make GV more awesome all the time :) Markup Help

Kaam Dev Nov 11 2014 13:36

I scored no halloween pumpkins this season. Literally 0. What gives!

Jimbob65 6 Nov 11 2014 13:51

The founder of the “Quests with Special Endings” forum thread approves… ☺

Thank you for the update. When my usual account comes out of hibernation, I know it will be to a visibly improved Godville. That is a nice thing to be able to know.

Frion Nov 11 2014 14:50

Hooray for the update! :D

Budapesties 5 Nov 11 2014 15:31

Whoohoo keep up the good work!

Godwilliamblaster Nov 11 2014 16:24

Hi. My. Name is william

Der Moerder Nov 11 2014 16:25

“but a hero can still met a boss when on a mini-quest " should be meet I believe


Ankasha Nov 11 2014 17:06

There’s also this:

Bq. …but a hero can still met a boss when on a mini-quest…

Ankasha Nov 11 2014 17:07

Lol, apparently I’m not the only one to notice.

Vrach Nov 11 2014 19:04

Nice little update, thanks! :)

Question – what do you mean by “the hero will use a potion when meeting a boss” exactly? Will they only heal if they’re in the red pre-fight or?

Also, any chance the Quest Randomizer and similar items could be reduced in GP cost? It’s silly to use one and have to fight a boss (or even just help the hero finish one, spending time and potentially more GP) just to get the same effect we would off an aura-granting item…

Btw, the page where we can submit the new quest endings should really be adapted to mobile phones, it looks really wonky at the moment.

All Mighty Joyce 6 Nov 11 2014 21:07

I enjoyed the pumpkin and thanks for everything else.

Thorbjoern 6 Nov 11 2014 22:36

Pumpkins are always great. And it’s great to see all these things that make this game better step by step :)

Augnoramous 6 Nov 12 2014 04:00


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