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Godville, Jul 05 2018

More on the Map

Remember the swirly map that heroes discovered couple months ago? Today it gets swirlier.

Once a hero defeat a monster (especially a strong one, with a special mention in the diary) he may learn about a particular spot on the map. Upon reaching this point of interest he may find something cool: а health boost, a new aura, an extra prayer… you get the drill.

In the best tradition of ZPG it doesn’t require any action from the god. If a hero couldn’t hit the point for some reason — no problem, there is always another one ahead.

Another map thingy: thanks to your submissions, five (!) new towns are proudly placed on the map.

More Variety

  • New addition for spelunkers — dungeon of abundance. Almost every room in it has something good (or bad), making the exploration more exciting.
  • Please welcome a sails novelty — dead sea. Abundance of reefs makes this sea almost free of the beasties.
  • And last, but certainly not least — mutating bosses. These creatures can change their abilities on the go, right in the middle of the fight. Surely it will add some drama to the boss battles.


Town list in the Guild Popularity section of Godville Times now includes distance for each town. Note that towns without enough guild influence are not present in the newspaper.

Problem catching up with game updates? Worry no more — now you can search all game news and find more about the game features as they were added.

All these changes are already live and don’t require mobile app update.

Comments (46)
Tommackesy 4 Jul 05 2018 14:16

Woo Hoo!

Mister Censor Jul 05 2018 14:16

I used to not care about this haha

Cotzbalam 5 Jul 05 2018 14:37

Woah, this is a fantastic set of new features! Loving the novelty. Can’t wait to see them in action….

Power Plate0 4 Jul 05 2018 15:04

interesting changes

KamiNappa 4 Jul 05 2018 16:21

Nice as always :). Great job!

Augnoramous 5 Jul 05 2018 16:58

YAY! ??? for the devs!

Cinisi 4 Jul 05 2018 17:03

Thanks guys!

Holy Spirit of Hell 5 Jul 05 2018 17:05


Morganthia Jul 05 2018 17:53

Heck yeah!

Cham Almighty 4 Jul 05 2018 19:03

Awesome innovations – thank you!

Quick question about the mutating bosses. Will this happen everywhere? Dungeons included?

Glorious Deity 4 Jul 05 2018 19:39

Thanks Devs!! Always fun to see new and exciting changes and you’ve been killing it the last year!!

High king of undies 4 Jul 05 2018 20:10

Amazing update! Super exciting, great job!

Fionntan Jul 05 2018 21:20

Me and Luzadoni are please with this addition. :)
More places to explore and suprises on the road is our jam! Thanks devs ~

~ Happy Hunting ?

Bust It Baby 6 Jul 06 2018 00:45

Another great addition to the game! Thanks devs!

Okidokidoc Jul 06 2018 01:01


Weise Socke 4 Jul 06 2018 01:52

That is great

The Mighty Stang 4 Jul 06 2018 03:40

Now things start making sense, from a Godvillian point of view of course. The younger deities have been advised that the Devs are busy working on such things that leave them little time for entry approvals, and here is ample proof. Once again, the only game worth investing years in gets better. HURRAH!

All Mighty Joyce 4 Jul 06 2018 07:37

You guys keep making the game better and better. Thanks!

DiscoMcDisco 4 Jul 06 2018 08:38

Epic, just epic :)

Faederwulf Jul 06 2018 13:05

Another update! Coolio!

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