Ice and Snow

Godville, Dec 22 2017

Snow fills the air while winter marks the calendars. This festive combination is known for its consequences throughout Godville.

Let’s start with the changes that will last for the whole winter. Low temperatures in the seas led to occasional formations of ice glaciers on top of the reefs. These things still deal small damage to arks, but thanks to the ice, they also work as natural refrigerators, so arks don’t consume supplies while at it.

Chill in the fields has brought a new activity to our red-nosed champions – ice fishing. The winter counterpart of the widely known activity doesn’t need a bait, so our hard-headed heroes will fish more often. Since holiday air is full of magic and snow, the heroes can fish out festive and very useful snowflakes.

Firstly, the traders will pay a hefty price for this manifestation of holiday spirit. Secondly, magic snowflakes are still snowflakes, so if a hero collects a few, he can make a snowman. Finally, these snowflakes work just great in the Godville Times Bingo, while the Bingo itself is abundant with special holiday rewards.

Last but not least, let’s not forget that it’s time to celebrate. Holiday monsters, including tamable Santa Clawses, are already in the fields. They spread holiday spirit and special holiday gifts that can be activated without godpower. Festive tent-camp next to Godvillle, also known as “Laplandville”, has already opened its doors to the excited heroes. The holiday feast will go on for the next ten days, so there is plenty of time to enjoy.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Comments (46)
Geoshadoe 4 Dec 22 2017 09:15

Appreciate the new up ♥

Nyx of Darkness Dec 22 2017 09:17

It’s going to be my first Christmas here. So excited for it, thank you devs! Merry Christmas to you all ?⛄️❄️

Hershey Almighty 6 Dec 22 2017 09:24

Yay! New features! Happy holidays devs and everyone!!! ???????

Fuzzy Lemons Dec 22 2017 09:31

Merry Christmas!Wondering how this update will affect things(First Xmas here)

Power Plate0 4 Dec 22 2017 09:33

Merry Christmas! ?
❄ (ten days very little, but thanks anyway)

Power Plate0 4 Dec 22 2017 09:41

Merry Christmas! ❄
(Oh, the Christmas tree icon as a question ? mark)
Merry Christmas, a Christmas tree and a wonderful mood!

Hershey Almighty 6 Dec 22 2017 09:54

Yeah all those question marks at the end of my message were emoticons too! Lol

Sijmon Dec 22 2017 10:22

Amazing work! This really lit up my day!

Brihtnoth 4 Dec 22 2017 10:39

Very useful snowflakes

Made me chuckle! Thanks for the awesome update!

Aieie 4 Dec 22 2017 10:54

Thanks admin

Thorbjoern 6 Dec 22 2017 11:02

Merry Christmas:D

TaiJuan 6 Dec 22 2017 11:11

Thank you, Devs!! Merry Christmas to you, and to all the gods, goddesses, heroes, heroines, pets, and monsters! May the taverns be merry and all the equipment be bright.?

Twifight Sparkill 4 Dec 22 2017 11:11

Hoppy Halidays!

… wait. That sounds weird.

TaiJuan 6 Dec 22 2017 11:13

That ? was a Christmas tree. Come on, Devs, fix this, ha ha.

Enzuna 6 Dec 22 2017 11:31

06:30 AM The chimney sock jumped out of my backpack, fell in the snow, started to sizzle, and slowly transformed into one log for the ark. Yay!

Bingo is (temporarily) worth doing again! Whooo ❄️❄️❄️

Infinitecircle 6 Dec 22 2017 13:06

Thanks for the holiday present, devs. Have a Happy Holiday season all.

The Mighty Stang 4 Dec 22 2017 13:19

Time to put on my galoshes. Thank you Devs, and best of holidays to all!

Noir The Great Dec 22 2017 13:39

Heyyy sounds great

The Omniscient Being 4 Dec 22 2017 13:49

I’ll be putting my current pet in the ark so I can try for the Santa Claws! Thanks devs, happy holidays!

Jimbob64 6 Dec 22 2017 14:41

This looks like fun- Laplandville is always welcome in Godville, and the ice fishing is just perfect for my hero as he collects his last few dozen manimals before the lab opens.

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